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Friday, February 22, 2019

Monthly Archives: July 2015

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It’s official, your man KnowItAll is selling out for the almighty dollar. StupidityIsContagious is now offering a url redirect from this blog to wherever in the heck you would like my unique visitors to land for the low low cost of only $50 per month or $50 per 30 days. You simply provide me with url you would like me to send my unique visitors to. Whenever a unique visitor visits this blog a new window will appear taking my visitor to your site, blog or landing page. For the cost of $50 I guarantee a minimum of 1,000 unique…

The Fight for $15 for Fast Food Workers is Ridiculous – Be Careful for What You Wish For!

Does a person person who places a Coke, fries and a burger into a paper bag and says “Thank you, come again” while the register tells them how much change to give back to a patron worth $15 an hour? I don’t think so and feel with the strongest of conviction that The fight for $15 is ridiculous! Even though the fight for $15 is ridiculous fast food workers in New York City have been successful in the fight and will soon be able to earn a yearly wage of a little over $31,000 per year. With that being said…

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