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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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2-photoscops It’s been a few days since two New York City Police Officers, Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were murdered in Brooklyn by piece of shit Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who sought revenge for the recent events with regard to Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Granted it’s only been a few days but I am as sick to my stomach today as when I first heard of the news, both with regard to the murder and just as much with the reaction by many to the news.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was by all intensive purposes a waste of fucking life with 19 arrests in Ohio and Georgia and spending two years in prison for gun possession so it comes as no surprise that he choose to take his own life after being surrounded by police. Officers Lui and Ramos has their lives taken not because of anything they personally did but because many people as in the likes of Brinsley are too fucking stupid and ignorant to realize that they’re protesting for NO FUCKING REASON!

Let’s start with Eric Garner. I have no interest in posting the video here on my blog as I can’t stand the commentary but if anyone thinks that Eric Garner “Couldn’t Breathe” based upon a choke hold you’re a fucking idiot. Eric Garner died because HE WAS RESISTING ARREST! Had this upstanding citizen with more than 30 arrests in his lifetime had just shown his identification and followed officers instructions he would be alive, breathing and free to commit whatever other fucking crimes he would have. The bottom line is that had he not resisted he would have been breathing just fine and his medical history had more to do with his death than any actions of the police that day. Don’t agree? I could give a flying fuck! With regard to Michael Brown, I really don’t give a rats ass about the case to be frank. The bottom line is that if Michael Brown did not steal from a fucking store that day there would have been no need for police to attempt to apprehend him.

The above is the absolute brutal truth by Ismaaiyl Brinsley was apparently too fucking stupid and ignorant to realize any of the above and decided to seek revenge against 2 innocent people who only “crimes” were wearing shields and being employed by the City of New York as police officers. Anyone person with a fucking ounce of intelligence realizes that officers Ramos and Lui did fucking nothing to deserve to be executed and had absolutely nothing to do with events on Staten Island, New York nor Ferguson, Missouri yet apparently as they represented 2 out of over 760,000 sworn law enforcement fucking personnel in the United States it was justified. Just read some of the disturbing shit people chose to post on Twitter!!!




There is a ton of more Tweets similar to the above which makes me beyond irate! What pieces of shits we have in this country! Two fucking incidents and now there is a nationwide movement against police everywhere? How in the fuck does this make any sense. There are hundreds of thousands of good police officers who keep neighborhoods safe for shit pay and put their lives on the line every single fucking day yet because ignorant assholes have issue with 2 incidents two police officers get murdered by a piece of shit and people shout HOORAY?!

Justice would be gathering up all assholes who feel like the above and offer free blunts and booze on an island and blowing the whole fucking thing up so assholes like the above can’t procreate and bring other stupid fucking people into the world!

Want to know who has a fucking problem with police? People who break the fucking law as in criminals! “Duh, why dey be fukin wit me all da time yo?” It’s because you’ve been caught doing shit you’re not supposed to so many fucking times you walking around with a sign on yourself!!

There are going to be people who do the wrong thing in any chosen career. However, all the ignorant and down right stupid hold all accountable for the actions of a few. The bottom line is that I’m sick and fucking tired of stupid fucking protesters spewing nonsense, bullshit and hate. Instead of protesting, how about taking your selves to work and contributing something positive to society?

To the stupid fucks who claim that the NYPD is nothing but a bunch of racist assholes how is it that over 52% of the entire New York City Police Department consists of minorities yet well over 60% of all crime in NYC is committed by minorities? Get a fucking clue, shut the fuck up and get an education or at least use Google fucktards!

Yes I am no fan of religion but I’m especially not a fan of Islam the supposed religion of peace. Islam makes me angry but it’s now official as I’m absolutely disgusted by Islam as close to 141 people were murdered by Islamic “extremists” in Pakistan, mostly school children, as the cowardly fucks decided to exterminate innocent fucking children by attacking a fucking school!

I really don’t fucking get it! There are 3 major religions in the world consisting of Judaism, Christianity and Islam yet only one fucking religion continues to produce sick fuck after sick fuck that act in a barbaric manner all in the name of Islam.

I had an interesting conversation the other day about religion and I took a stance that not one fucking person could debate me on. I was unusually amused by this conversation as I took my position and watched those who disagreed with me get frustrated and eventually walk away in disgust. It amused me as no one could intelligently disprove my point. My point? Religions are fractured as witnesses by the many denominations throughout all religions. What makes religions denomination a religious denomination is that written words meant to be taken literally are misconstrued leading followers of religions to break off into denominations of a particular religion due to misinterpretation or simply because those people cannot agree with other people within the religion.

If you don’t know now you will know that I was raised as a Catholic. As a Catholic I was required that I attended church each week, did not eat meat on Fridays during lent, was to believe that homosexuality was a sin, pray each night prior to going to bed, go to confession, eat one full meal on ash Wednesday. In addition if I were to enter into marriage that no matter how fucking miserable myself or my spouse were that we should never EVER divorce. It was also my duty to support the church financially via donation when I attended mass. It is estimated that there are over 1.2 billion Catholics in the world today and the above 8 requirements are pretty fucking simple. However, out of the 1.2 billion people who associate themselves as being Catholic abide by those 8 simple fucking requirements? If you live under a fucking rock I will tell you that Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity yet there are probably millions of supposed Catholics that don’t abide by the simple 8 requirements.

In Judaism you have the historical Jewish movements of Essenes, Pharisses and Sadduccees. Today Judaism can be broken down to 5 denominations; Hasidism, Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Madonna’s fave Kabbalah. The true Jewish religion is Orthodox, feel free to disagree, yet we have 4 other denominations through simple disagreement. I’m not Jewish, would never be but have many friends that claim to be Jewish yet do not live their lives according to the requirements of his or her specific Jewish denomination. Simple put these friends of mine call themselves Jewish yet shouldn’t be considered Jewish. See where I’m going with this yet?

There an estimated 1.2 billion Muslims in the world and the basic requirements for being Muslim is as follows; There is only one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger, pray 5 times a day, give away 2.5% of your money to the poor and needy, self control and fasting during Ramadan and head on over to Mecca at least once in your life if you fucking can. Compared to Catholicism which I broke down into 8 simple rules of life, and Judaism which I have no desire to list, Islam consist of 5 basic rules of life in which one is to follow in order to be considered a Muslim. Only fucking 5 but how many do you truly believe live their lives within the 5 pillars? Largest growing religion my asshole. Many who claim to be Muslim can’t even do 5 simple fucking things yet they are Muslim?

So now let me make my point. Islam is just as fractured as any other fucking religion as there are 73 denominations of Islam yet what is meant to be the one true religion of Islam? Yup pick and choose what you like or feel you should believe in and toss out what you don’t like or want to follow. Hold on to your fucking hats if you have them on….it’s called Muslim Extremism as in a literal interpretation of the Quaran and Hadith as Orthodox believe in the literal interpretation of the Torah. Yup ISIS and the Taliban have it right. Others are simply pretenders of the true religion of Islam. If you don’t fucking agree you’re a fucking moron and here’s why! Isis is True Islam!

“Was Islam not behaving like ISIS when Sophronius, the Christian Arab from Bethlehem who was at the time Patriarch of Jerusalem, how in his sermon on the Day of the Epiphany 636 A.D. he bewailed the destruction of the churches and monasteries, how the sacked towns, the fields laid waste, the villages burned down by the Muslim nomads who were overrunning the country then to later invade Jerusalem itself and occupy it under Umar bin Al-Khattab.”

“Have we seen any difference between the Islam of ISIS and the Islam of the Ottomans?

And then we had the conquest of Christian Egypt in 639 A.D., in which the population of the Christian Copts gradually decreased from nine million to 700,000 at the early 1900’s.

And Egypt is an important case-in-point regarding peaceful Islam. It is a fact of history that the Egyptians allowed the Muslims into their country. When the Egyptian populace heard that the Muslims were arriving, they accepted them with open arms, not seeing them as deceiving heretics, but as people who merely believed in the one true God. Their open mindedness would have received the applause of the moderns, but the end result was the consequence of all ultra equality and tolerance: violence. For decades I roamed the world of cowards, politicians, media giants and even conservatives who claimed to believe in the purists of truths to only find out they were riddled with the ignorance that was born out of their inner fears. They too would not dare call the devil “devil”. But I stood and confronted the wizards; these goliaths that carried swords in one hand and that book of fictions they used for shield in the other telling them that their victories with the sword will be until all bow towards their image, but as long as there are a few who choose their scimitar blade over prostrating in submission to tyranny, that victory is for the slain who refuse to bow to their devil.”

Hmmmmm……how in the fuck is Islam a religion of peace?! Perhaps if Islam was called the religion of pieces it would be more believable. Islam is a detriment to the world and murdering close to 144 people, mostly school children is indeed true Islam! Religion of peace my ass, more like Islam the Religion of Hatred!

In this Ebates Review I will address the questions “Is Ebates a Scam or Do You Really Get Cash Back?”

Is Ebates.com a scam or do you really get cash back? Before I get started on answering whether or not ebates is a scam please allow me to provide a little information as to how I found out about ebates.com. In late July of 2014, my lovely little lady told me about this shopping portal where you can receive cash back so I immediately used it to purchase an anniversary gift for her a day later. So what was the shopping portal that pays cash back? The shopping portal is Ebates.com! I spent a little over $83 and received a little over $5 into my Ebates accounts or a cash back credit of 6%. If there is one thing in life that I love that thing is getting a deal.

One thing that I absolutely hate is Christmas shopping in the living, breathing hell that I call the mall. Obnoxious people breathing and bumping into you, 2 hour long lines to simply purchase a damn shirt and what seems like forever to get out of the damn parking garage.

So how is it possible that Ebates can provide cash back to customers who choose to shop with the 1600+ online stores available through Ebates? It kind of sounds like ebates is some sort of scam. If you are thinking that ebates is a scam think again. In fact it’s so beautifully simply that I wish I had thought of the idea. Simply put, Ebates is an affiliate marketer. An affiliate simply drives traffic to an online store in exchange for a commission when a person who was referred to whatever store makes a purchase.

For example, I own a website that sell shoes. I decide to open an affiliate channel where I decide to pay marketers a 10% commission based upon the total sale. You as the affiliate send me a customer who purchases $100 worth of shoes. You just earned yourself $10 for simply referring that customer to my shoe site. Ebates acts as an affiliate for over 1600 stores and is able to provide customers cash back by simply sharing their affiliate commission with their user base. Of course, the amount of cash back you are able to receive is dependent upon how much the online store is paying Ebates but the nice thing is you can browse all stores and see exactly how much cash back you will receive if you decide to make a purchase or purchases through a particular online store.

With the Christmas season upon us and my utter hate for Christmas shopping at the mall I decided that I will from here on out do all of my shopping online. A logged into Ebates, browsed online stores and made my purchases. The very next day I received emails from Ebates stating that I received cash back credit from my various purchases. I spent $438.71 and received cash back in the amount of $37.36 or approximately an 8.5% rate of cash back return. What this means in dollars and cents is that I purchased $438.71 in merchandise but only paid $401.35 thanks to Ebates sharing their affiliate commissions with me.


So to answer the question directly….is Ebates a scam or do you really get cash back? The absolute bottom line is that Ebates in no way, shape or form is a scam but rather and ingenious company that indeed provides cash back to it’s users. There is nothing stopping a person from creating their own Ebates type shopping portal other than a butt load of money and time.

So why did I take the precious time out my day to create an ebates.com review post? Simply put, if you register with Ebates by clicking through MY EBATES LINK I earn $5 when you make a purchase. Sure $5 is not going to make me rich but $5 today is $5 more than I had yesterday.

Regardless if you’re an online shopaholic or periodically purchase online goods, registering and shopping my Ebates is a no brainer.

If you do shop online and don’t use Ebates all I can say is stupidity is indeed contagious.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

FAS Being a life long New Yorker one thing has been a constant….the dumb fuck named Al Sharpton!

Al Sharpton is supposed to be a Baptist Minister as in preach the Lord’s gospel. Granted I am no fan of religion but when a person is supposed to devote their life to God why in the fuck would the person act otherwise? Whenever there is a white on black crime or something questionable that takes place between a person who is white and a person who is black in New York City, or anywhere else for that matter, I can guarantee that the stupid fucking “Reverend” Al Sharpton will be front and center spewing bullshit!

It amazes me that a person who is supposed to devote his life to God instead chooses to use his position to do nothing more than spew hatred between black people and white people. As a supposed leader in the black community why doesn’t this racist fuck ever hold a protest when a young black person kills another young black person? Why doesn’t Al fucking Sharpton have anything to say when a black person kills a white person?

This walking talking piece of shit has made a career of doing more harm than good so I must applaud those who are sick and tired of his shit, especially a family who had a black male killed by a non black New York City police officer namely Akai Gurley.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Akai Gurley case, Mr. Gurley was shot and killed by a rookie NYPD officer, Peter Liang, who was walking around in non lit stairwells in a housing project with his gun out and “accidentally” shot and killed Akai Gurley for no reason other than walking in a stairwell.

Of course as this is a black person being killed by a non black person Al Sharpton took it upon himself to state that he would be providing the eulogy without ever having discussed doing so with Mr. Gurley’s family! How in the fuck does a person eulogize another without ever having spent one waking fucking second with the other? Apparently little details such as not knowing Akai Gulrey didn’t stop Al Sharpton from wanting to do so!

Seriously, where in the hell is Al Sharpton when a young black girl is walking home from school and gets shots by a young black male attempting to shoot another black male?! Where in the fuck is Al Sharpton asking black people not to judge others simply because of the color of their skin as a person who claims to be acting in the name of God would do! This so called man has made a career of racial division and separation beyond what I thought was humanly possible.

Racism is solely not reserved for white/black relations as in there are white people who are racist against black people as there surely are black people who are racist against white people as in Al “Walking Piece of Shit” Al Sharpton! If you don’t know now you know…AL SHARPTON IS A RACIST! Not only is he a racist but he is he worst of all people walking the face of the fucking earth, AL SHARPTON IS A RACE BAITER!!

Back in 1991 Al Sharpton was stabbed in the chest in Bensonhurst and although he was in serious condition managed to recover. It’s too bad the guy who did it didn’t do a better job!

I don’t know who Charles R. Patrick is, where he resides, where he was raised and who raised him. What I do know is that I am happy that I came across the below YouTube video as what he states is nothing but positive! Here we have an intelligent person with a positive message…. PERSONAL FUCKING or in this case DAMN RESPONSIBILITY!!

There is something that disturbs me way beyond religion, believe it or not, and it’s racism. I believe that slavery has been the greatest atrocity to face the human race thus far and can’t imagine what it could have been like to be a slave. Than again I personally don’t appreciate being put on the hook for something that I had absolutely nothing to do with and don’t appreciate being looked upon as some sort of racist, fuck black people person simply because I’m not black.

The truth of the matter is that I judge all people, regardless of race or religion, for that matter, on an individual basis. In my life I have met people of different races and religions that I have like and detested as well. The bottom line is that we are all HUMAN BEINGS! We are in the year 2014 yet for as much as things have changed things also remain the same. Many people find it necessary to point to religion, politics and/or race when something that should not happen winds up happening.

Yes, I’m not black but as one Mr. Charles R. Patrick is sick of shit so am I. If you take my written words to be racist so be it but I feel the need to state things so I shall. Why is it that black people are incarcerated so much much more than others? Why is it that when a person who is white kills a black person, law enforcement or not, the despicable Reverend Al Sharpton finds it necessary to bring his ignorant ass to the front line yet has absolutely nothing to fucking say when a young black child is killed in his or her living room, while while watching television, by a young black male who was shooting at another black male but just so happened to miss?
Why is it than when a black person kills a person who is not black people don’t march or try to boycott shit?

As I stated before, I cannot imagine what slavery was like but as Mr. Charles R. Patrick stated in the below video, I’m not a slave, you’re not a slave and don’t know a person who was a fucking slave. 70 fucking years after civil rights we as a society continue to deal with the same shit year after year! The black community needs a voice, a FUCKING LEADER! Sorry to break it to people but that person is not Al Sharpton or fucking Jesse Jackson!! It’s not a fucking rapper nor is it a pro athlete. Perhaps that voice can be Charles R. Patrick who is not speaking of hate, racism, 40 acres and a mule but is speaking of personal responsibility!!!

Society will always consist of the “have” and “have not’s” but the bottom line is that race has NOTHING to do with fucking anything. What has everything to do with “it” is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Yes, some of us have it easier than others but so is life. Mr. Charles R. Patrick I applaud you and truly hope that your video does indeed go viral. I hope that this post on my little blog can help your cause.