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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fuck Cigarettes! I’m Done With Cigarettes For Good!!

Fuck cigarettes! I’m done with those nasty smelling, cancer causing, chemical infested, burning, leaving ashes everywhere, teeth yellowing, super expensive, pay to kill myself addictive fucking things!! I have been smoking since I was 15 years old am completely amazed at the stupidity of my behavior for over the last 20 years of my life. I don’t know why the fuck I decided to start smoking in the first place but when I started smoking a pack of smokes cost around $2. Now in the year 2014 I have been paying around $12 a fucking pack for years. At a…

Chitika vs Google AdSense – A Honest Review of Chitika Compared to Adsense

I had looked into Chitika years ago and almost a year ago to the date of this posting decided to run Chitika on this very blog. Of course, I also run adsense on this blog. Bottom line is that comparing Chitika to Adsense is like comparing a baseball player just drafted and playing in the Rookie Rookie A League to Miguel Cabrera. Adsense is the biggest and best on the block and Chitika is not so much but considering they’ve been around for over 10 years there must be a reason behind it. To be fair in this review I…

Life Sucks?! Think Again…..

We all have those days and times when we think that life sucks. However, when you find yourself in that frame of mind it’s make it much easier to swallow when you can take a deep breath, exhale and realize no matter how bad and how hopeless you may feel at that particular moment in time there are a shitload of people who would gladly exchange places with you if given the chance. Believe me I know how much life can suck and how it feels to find yourself in utter despair but each day is an opportunity to turn…

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