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5/21/2014 Brewers +135 Braves -150 1 Wins 1.35 WINNER (+ 1.35)
5/21/2014 Twins +130 Padres -140 2 Wins 2.60 WINNER (+2.60)
5/22/2014 Nationals +110 Pirates -120 1 Wins 1.10 LOSER (-1)
5/22/2014 Astros +135 Mariners -150 1 Wins 1.35 LOSER (-1)
5/24/2014 Rangers +160 Tigers -175 1 Wins 1.60 WINNER (+1.60)
5/30/2014 Rangers +165 Nationals -180 1 Wins 1.65 LOSER (-1)
5/31/2014 Orioles +120 Astros +130 1 Wubs 1.20 WINNER (+1.30)

4 Winners 3 Losers +3.75

6/01/14 Reds (+120) Diamondbacks (-130) 1 Wins 1.20 PENDING

Remember those “Bo Knows” Nike commercials from back in the day? If you do great and if you don’t Google it. Nevertheless if there is anything that KnowItAll knows it’s BASEBALL!

Perhaps I have lost my mind or perhaps it’s the liquid lunch that I consumed earlier today. Either way I have reached out to the owner of BestMLBSystem.com and have inquired about purchasing the domain name with the intent of creaiting my very own reasonably priced baseball handicapping tout service.

I have been watching Money Talks on CNBC and wrote a review on the supposed “Best MLB Betting System” which I have been paper playing and can certify is absolute SHIT! However, I have become inspired and after all how hard can this fucking be anyway?!

Introducing the StupidityIsContagious.com Baseball Underdog Handicapping Service. I have no intention of ruining my mess of a blog by posting daily picks but I will create a new category and ONE (1) post where I will update my baseball underdog baseball gambling picks.

If there is one thing to know about me it’s a love sports. In fact I’ve long been a proponent of legalized sports gambling in the good ol U S of A. With that being said I was lounging around the house on one my days off when I came across a reality show called Money Talks on CNBC which follows Darin Notaro aka Steve Steven owner of VIP Sports in Las Vegas. Simply put it’s a reality show based around sales and sports betting, two things that are very much up my alley so I just had to check it out.

From a pure entertainment prospective I like the show and have been recording and watching it for around a month. Steve Stevens is personable, his live in girlfriend and baby momma, Kelly, is a straight hottie as is his right hand cougar gal pal, Paula. His sales crew also provides entertainment value. As I enjoy the show I hope it continues and is renewed by CNBC. However, aside from entertainment value Steve Stevens has apparently rubbed people in the sports handicapping industry the wrong way.

For starters, apparently no one within the sports handicapping scene in Las Vegas apparently ever heard of Steve Stevens and there have been a few sports gambling themed sites/blogs that have lambasted him. Stevens hasn’t helped himself either witch a bunch of nasty emails and voice mail messages that can be found online. Of course, the emails as well as voicemails are crude to say the least but Stevens appears to be a crude sort of guy to begin with. Sure, the guy has been arrested for phone scam frauds in the past, I believe around 4 times but from the information I can find the last incident happened approximately 13 years ago. Many have pointed to this as a way to show that Steve Stevens is a fraud. However, people do change and I am a firm believer that although a person’s past may be indicative of the type of person he or she is that it’s impossible to arrive at a conclusive decision about a person solely based on his or her past. Sure, Steve Stevens back in the day ripped off elderly people but now people are using that against him as ammunition that he is now ripping off sports bettors.

What I find amusing is that the people who seem to hate Steve Stevens and VIP Sports the most are other fucking sports handicappers. Steve Stevens has stated on air that the key to his business is “news” meaning new clients. What the fuck makes that any different from any other sales based organization. Do car dealers not need a stream of new customers in order to continue to sell vehicles? Do insurance agents not need new customers in order to grow their respective books of business? Simply put most people who bet on sports can handle winning but can’t handle losing. VIP Sports is no different than any other sports handicapping service but one thing that I take exception to is that Stevens has claimed to win at a 70% clip which I call ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!

I don’t give a fuck who it is, there is not a person walking the face of the fucking earth that can consistently win at a 70% clip! I watched an episode of Money Talks where Stevens gets a check in the mail from a client for over $70,000. If he hits at a 70% clip why have a sports handicapping service to begin with? Why not take the supposedly astronomical money that he apparently has and become an actual bookie killer? It’s because 70% is pure fabrication and there is more money to be made running a sports tout service than to bet on sports. For fuck sake look at VIP Sports’ pricing! Today’s Action Play $29, Today’s Play of the Day $50, Today’s Owner Selection $500 and 7 Days of Winners $2500. Of course this doesn’t make VIP Sports any different than any other tout service. However, as much as I enjoy the show I can’t believe that anyone with a fucking ounce of intelligence would agree to a 30% commission on winnings let alone a 50% commission on winnings. If there are such suckers around it’s no wonder why Steve Stevens aka Darin Notaro is raking in the dough.

Again, I like the show but fucking c’mon…a 50% commission on winnings?! This has to be the most retarded fucking thing I’ve ever come across. For example let’s do some simple math. I get 3 plays from VIP Sports at -110 odds across the board. I place 3 bets of $33,000 to win $30,000 where the final result is 2 Wins and 1 loss. The 2 Winners pays out $60,000 whereas I must deduct the loss of $33,000 for a gross profit of $27,000. I than have to cut a check to VIP Sports for $13,500 leaving me with a profit of $13,500. Not too shabby but what happens when VIP Sports, more specifically Steve Stevens goes 1 and 2? I lose $66,000 in straight bets and than have to pay Stevens $15,000 leaving me $51K in the hole? Of course I hate to make assumptions so it is feasible that Stevens has an agreement with those clients that he receives 50% of their profit which wouldn’t make the arrangement all that retarded but I have not seen any evidence of this on the show as of yet.

The one thing that I cannot get around is the claim of winning 70% of wagers as it’s fucking impossible. That in of itself simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps Stevens has not changed all that much since his days of ripping off old folks. Perhaps he’s doing what all other tout services do and is just simply ripping off ignorant sports bettors who have no business betting on sports to begin with. “But KnowItAll, sports handicapping services are not ripping people off!” BULL FUCKING SHIT! Every single sports handicapping service I have come across in my fucking lifetime rips people off by simply charging ludicrous fees for their shitty picks!

Where in the fuck is the sports betting tout service that can consistently pick winners and charge a reasonable fee of say $20 a fucking month? There isn’t such a service as consistent winning and sports betting is an oxymoron. If one Mr. Steve Stevens aka Darin Notaro comes across this article and takes exception to it fucking good. Take the StupidityIsContagious.com sports tout service challenge and prove me fucking wrong. I know you won’t as you fucking can’t deal with the fact that I’m 100% correct!

It may be a bit overdue but here is my Michael Sam rant! Now, if you’re looking for a homophobic Michael Sam rant you won’t find it here but nonetheless this post is damn sure going to be a rant about Michael Sam.

I can give a rats ass that Michael Sam is gay or if any other collegiate or professional athlete in any sport is fucking gay. However, where I draw the line is being subjected to watching a dude kiss another fucking dude on national fucking television!

“Oh, but wait a minute KnowItAll! I thought you weren’t homophobic?!” I’m not but it doesn’t change the fact that I have no desire to watch two men kiss. If I wanted to I could easily find it online but it’s a different story when I have a house full of relatives and kids watching television in my house and have to be subjected to watching Michael Sam lock lips with his boyfriend Vito Cammisano!

I really don’t get why Michael Sam announcing that he is gay is such a big fucking deal to begin with. He’s is not champion of a cause nor is he the modern day Jackie Robinson. He told his Missouri teammates he was gay before the season started! Supposedly, no one on the fucking team gave a rats ass.

Michael Sam being the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL is a big deal for what fucking reason? If there was a college football player who became the first football player to be open about the fact that he enjoys to lick his girlfriends asshole would the headlines be “First time an admitted ass licker to enter the NFL draft.”? When that player was drafted should we expect that ESPN would have had a camera on him while he stuck tongue inside girlfriends ass!?

Seriously, a fucking press conference for a player drafted in the 7th round, 249th overall only because he’s gay? What kind of fucking double standard is that? Is it about being gay is no one’s business or that being gay should be screamed from the rooftops although it’s non one’s business? Is it that Michael Sam should be celebrated or treated differently? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?

Sam-Jersey1 What makes me irate is the Michael Sam’s draft stock plummeted after the NFL combine yet there were mindless assholes attributing that to the fact that Michael Sam is gay not that he had a poor showing at the combine! STAND WITH FUCKING SAM AND BUY HIS #10 JERSEY TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!! Support for fucking what? That he enjoys the sexual companionship of a man over a woman? When in the fuck has a dude who was drafted in the 7th round ever had a jersey put up for sale? How about fucking NEVER!!

There are always going to be people who simply do not condone homosexuality. Michael Sam coming out and stating that he is gay and being drafted into the NFL is not going to change a fucking thing nor should it. People who don’t have a problem with homosexuals still won’t and people that do still will as it’s common fucking sense. In fact it brings back memories of Tim Hardaway stating that would have had a problem with having a gay teammate when John Amaechi stated he was gay. Tim Hardaway was called all types of shit and for what? For being fucking honest?!

As a hetrosecual I fucking love watching two hot chicks swapping spit. There are people in the world that find it repulsive. Know what? That’s their prerogative as it is mine to find the below repulsive!

michael sam kiss

If Michael Sam doesn’t make the Rams it’s going to be because he’s gay. If Michael Sam makes the Rams does it meant that he made the Rams even though he’s gay? I wouldn’t think so but that’s exactly what the media spin is going to be before the start of the 2014-2015 NFL season. The dude doesn’t have a handicap! The dude simply enjoys having his dick sucked by another dude!! SO FUCKING WHAT?!

Jason Collins is the first openly gay NBA player who is actually playing. Michael Sam is the first openly gay football drafted into the NFL. Does this mean we have the pleasure of watching hours upon hours of bullshit when the first openly gay baseball and hockey player come forward? It’s not like something like this has ever happened before. Oh wait a fucking minute it HAS FUCKING HAPPENED. If you are reading this and have no clue what the hell I’m talking about Google Martina Navratilova! FML!!

New Yankee Stadium It is now going on 5 years since the New Yankee Stadium opened it’s doors as the “House that George built.” As much as I’ve tried to like the new stadium I just can’t. Perhaps it’s due to my sentimental feelings towards the “House that Ruth built” but as a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees it goes beyond that. As much as I dislike the following statement I’m going to make it anyway. “I HATE THE NEW YANKEE STADIUM!”

Here’s just a few of the reasons why I hate the New Yankee Stadium.

1. Ticket prices! I can give a rats ass about Hal Steinbrenner stating over and over again the most of the seats in the stadium are at or around $50. That’s not the point. At the Old Yankee Stadium my $50 packed more of a wallop as in getting my broke ass closer to the damn field. Nothing like paying $50 to sit with an obstructed view! When the New Yankee Stadium opened in 2009 I sat in field level seats in right field. Of course you can’t see anything hit to center field or left center but at least you can watch the action unfold on a fucking television!

2. Price of Luxury Suites! For my 30th birthday, my wife purchased a private suite on the 3rd base/left field side of the Old Yankee Stadium and threw my an awesome surprise party that I will never forget. I had the time of my life. When I found out she paid $3,000 for the suite I was torn between hugging her for throwing me a surprise party in my own suite as it’s something I never thought I would ever get to watch a Yankees game from my own suite or choking her for spending such an insane amount of money for a damn baseball game. Fuck, that was a bargain. A comparable suite at the New Yankee Stadium now carries a cost of $7,000!

3. The Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in Center Field! Why in the hell does a baseball stadium in New York City need a sports bar inside of the fucking baseball stadium?! If I wanted to watch a game from a sports bar I can go to one of hundreds of sports bars located in New York City. What makes it so much more outrageous is that you have to pay in order to watch a game from the sports bar located inside New Yankee stadium as in a fucking cover charge. Best of all, the charge only covers the cost to enter the sports bar and does not entitle you to enter the fucking stadium!

4. THE ATMOSPHERE SUCKS BALLS! Don’t take my word for it, take it from “The Sandman” himself who stated “It doesn’t hold noise, or home-team fervor, anywhere near the way the old place did. The old Stadium was our 10th man — a loud and frenzied cauldron of pinstriped passion, with a lot of lifers in the stands. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s hard to see that the new place can ever quite duplicate that.”

Want to know why the atmosphere of the New Yankee Stadium sucks? It wasn’t built for us die hard and true Yankees fans. It was built to cater to corporate suites who instead of going to a Yankees game to watch a fucking Yankees game use it’s overpriced seats and luxury suites to wine and dine clients! New York is expensive enough. Who the fuck has enough money to pay over $2,000 to sit behind home plate? Not many as witnessed by all the empty fucking seats that can be seen on each and every Yankees broadcast. Us real fans have been relegated to sitting far and away from the field of play and instead have no other choice than to sit with the pigeons. Die hard fans who used to be able to afford sitting close to the action have been replaced by corporate douchebags and the “well to due” who are polite and choose to use golf claps to celebrate an exciting play rather than jump up out of their seats and scream out “GREAT FUCKING PLAY!!!” Gone are the clever chants used to get under the skin of the opposing teams best players. Now we have a museum, a steak house, sports bars and the Hard Rock Cafe!

How did the New York Yankees get this so wrong?! If we Yankee fans want to eat steaks we would go to Ruth Chris or Peter Lugers! If we Yankees fans want to go to a baseball museum we would go to Cooperstown. If we Yankees fans wanted to go to a Hard Rock Cafe we would go to Times Square. What made the Old Stadium so great was that it was an actual fucking baseball stadium full of history and unforgettable moments.

Yes, the Yankees won a World Series in 2009, the very first year of the New Yankee Stadium but it just isn’t the same. In fact I didn’t attend a Yankees game last year. I attended a Yankees game every fucking year since I was 5 years old! It was a summertime tradition to at least attend a few games each year. The new tradition is that I no longer go to Yankees games.

Here was the clincher for me. My wife is simply not a sports fan. For the entire time we dated and well into years of marriage I could never get her to go to a Yankees game. That was until my son was born and as such I had the duty to instill the love of the New York Yankees in him the same way that my father had done. I guilted her into going by saying “How could you miss his first baseball game?” She relented and we all made the trek to the Bronx to the New Yankee Stadium. Around the 3rd inning my wife turned to me and said “I thought you said this place was insane, that people lose their minds during the game and that fans are relentlessly chanting and are loud as hell.” I turned to her and simply stated “This is not Yankee Stadium.”

So there you have it as the above are reasons why I hate the New Yankee Stadium. In fact FUCK NEW YANKEE STADIUM or as it’s now called Yankee Stadium!!