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Monday, December 17, 2018

Monthly Archives: May 2014

Best MLB Baseball Underdog Baseball Picks!

5/21/2014 Brewers +135 Braves -150 1 Wins 1.35 WINNER (+ 1.35) 5/21/2014 Twins +130 Padres -140 2 Wins 2.60 WINNER (+2.60) 5/22/2014 Nationals +110 Pirates -120 1 Wins 1.10 LOSER (-1) 5/22/2014 Astros +135 Mariners -150 1 Wins 1.35 LOSER (-1) 5/24/2014 Rangers +160 Tigers -175 1 Wins 1.60 WINNER (+1.60) 5/30/2014 Rangers +165 Nationals -180 1 Wins 1.65 LOSER (-1) 5/31/2014 Orioles +120 Astros +130 1 Wubs 1.20 WINNER (+1.30) 4 Winners 3 Losers +3.75 6/01/14 Reds (+120) Diamondbacks (-130) 1 Wins 1.20 PENDING

KnowItAll Knows Baseball!

Remember those “Bo Knows” Nike commercials from back in the day? If you do great and if you don’t Google it. Nevertheless if there is anything that KnowItAll knows it’s BASEBALL! Perhaps I have lost my mind or perhaps it’s the liquid lunch that I consumed earlier today. Either way I have reached out to the owner of BestMLBSystem.com and have inquired about purchasing the domain name with the intent of creaiting my very own reasonably priced baseball handicapping tout service. I have been watching Money Talks on CNBC and wrote a review on the supposed “Best MLB Betting System”…

Money Talks on CNBC – Darin Notaro AKA Steve Stevens – Inside the World of Las Vegas Sports Gambling

If there is one thing to know about me it’s a love sports. In fact I’ve long been a proponent of legalized sports gambling in the good ol U S of A. With that being said I was lounging around the house on one my days off when I came across a reality show called Money Talks on CNBC which follows Darin Notaro aka Steve Steven owner of VIP Sports in Las Vegas. Simply put it’s a reality show based around sales and sports betting, two things that are very much up my alley so I just had to check…

Michael Sam Rant! A Homophobic Rant about Michael Sam?

It may be a bit overdue but here is my Michael Sam rant! Now, if you’re looking for a homophobic Michael Sam rant you won’t find it here but nonetheless this post is damn sure going to be a rant about Michael Sam. I can give a rats ass that Michael Sam is gay or if any other collegiate or professional athlete in any sport is fucking gay. However, where I draw the line is being subjected to watching a dude kiss another fucking dude on national fucking television! “Oh, but wait a minute KnowItAll! I thought you weren’t homophobic?!”…

I Hate New Yankee Stadium!

It is now going on 5 years since the New Yankee Stadium opened it’s doors as the “House that George built.” As much as I’ve tried to like the new stadium I just can’t. Perhaps it’s due to my sentimental feelings towards the “House that Ruth built” but as a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees it goes beyond that. As much as I dislike the following statement I’m going to make it anyway. “I HATE THE NEW YANKEE STADIUM!” Here’s just a few of the reasons why I hate the New Yankee Stadium. 1. Ticket prices! I can…

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