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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: March 2014

How to Uncover a Multi Level Marketing Scam

Although stupidity is contagious it still amazes me that I get so many comments in defense of multi level businesses that I tear to shreds in some of my reviews. However, simply using a bit of common sense and viewing a mlm opportunity, not with the thought of how much money one can make but rather looking at the mlm opportunity from an actual business perspective will lead my readers to arrive at the same conclusion. Here is how I uncover multi level marketing scams and hope you do the same before investing your time, money and energy into a…

Cars Are Too Fucking Expensive!!!

As a dude, your vehicle as in an extension of your long appendage. The time in your car from the commute to and from work is YOUR TIME. The time when you leave all the things that have pissed you off and are pissing you off in the rear view mirror. You get into your car, turn over the engine and enjoy the drive. However, it absolutely sucks that you can’t enjoy the drive as the drive sucks! My shit beater is running great as I keep up with the usual maintenance. The problem is I never wanted the car…

What KnowItAll Knows About Online Marketing!

I’m sick and tired with people who disagree with one of my review and have the audacity to state “What does this anonymous guy know about online marketing” as their main argument in disagreeing with a review. I don’t have issue with people disagreeing with my opinion in any review but I do have an issue with the statement that I don’t know about online marketing! So what does KnowItAll know about online marketing? You be the judge. I am by no mean an expert in online marketing and didn’t start this blog with the intention of making one red…

10 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own MLM Business

Hundreds of multi-level marketing companies pop up and go under year after normally leaving people feeling foolish, angry and in some most cases financially worse than when those people entered the latest and greatest business opportunity. Sucks for those people but it normally works out great for the people who created the multi-level marketing company in the first place. Heck, even if the company manages to last a short period of 12-18 months the company would have normally generated enough money to leave the creators millions of dollars better off which was the intent to begin with. With that being…

Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!

Yes, I said it, I HATE RELIGION! Why do I hate religion? I hate religion as it separates people from one another based on nothing more than interpretations and beliefs in what equates to nothing more than “fairy tales” in various texts written thousands of years ago. Religion is brainwashing and as used a device to control those who are intellectually incapable of living with the possibility that we as humans have no factual knowledge of how we became to be and what will happen to us when we cease to exist. Religion is based on fear of the unknown…

John Cena Phone Scam! ROFL!!

Before watching this make sure not to be drinking anything as you may spit everything out of your mouth and ruin your computer! )

LibertaGia Review – An Honest Review of the LibertaGia Business Opportunity

I received an email earlier today asking me to review the LibertaGia business opportunity. Considering I’m a nice guy, when I choose to be, and considering that I really didn’t have anything important on my to do list today I decided to oblige and write this LibertaGia review. First things first. LibertaGia.com is registered privately but the company website does disclose that Rui Salvador is the CEO and President of the company and is based in Portugal. Major red flag as Rui Salvador can be linked back to at least 6 other bullshit MLM based companies. It appears that Mr….

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