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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Although stupidity is contagious it still amazes me that I get so many comments in defense of multi level businesses that I tear to shreds in some of my reviews. However, simply using a bit of common sense and viewing a mlm opportunity, not with the thought of how much money one can make but rather looking at the mlm opportunity from an actual business perspective will lead my readers to arrive at the same conclusion. Here is how I uncover multi level marketing scams and hope you do the same before investing your time, money and energy into a losing endeavor. You may already be involved in a multi level marketing scam but have had the wool pulled over your eyes. If this is the case, read the below and get out now before it’s too late.

1. What is the product or service being offered. Is it a viable product or service? If you were not looking at the opportunity to make money but rather as a consumer would you purchase the product or service?

2. Can you test drive before you buy? When going into a brick and mortar business a person will take many factors into consideration. What is the level of competition, is my price point in line with my competition, how much do I need to spend on marketing and how many sales must I make before I can not only recoup my marketing costs but also turn a profit. Any company asking you to buy before you try is a clear red flag. After all, would you buy a car without test driving it first?

3. What is the price of the product or service? More often than not the price of the product is more expensive than comparable products or services in the marketplace. This is for good reason and a well known tactic used in the multi level marketing industry. A high price point is supposed to make it seem that the product or service is that good when in reality the only reason the price point is so high is to assure that the company has the revenue to pay level upon level down while still turning a hefty profit.

4. Is the multi level marketing company comparing itself to a well known and very successful company? More often than not a mlm company will attempt to make a comparison to a highly successful and profitable company. Comparisons to web based companies such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn is not uncommon. However, you as the opportunity seeker are to use a bit of common sense yourself and attempt to make a logical comparison on your own. However, this comparison should not be made to the successful company the mlm wants you to compare. Do a bit of research and make logical comparisons of your own.

5. Does the MLM company disclose that they are an actual MLM? Although many companies are multi level marketing companies many want to stay away from the term “multi level marketing” and instead will come up with a few different terms with regard to their compensation plan. For example, infinity commission, multi tier compensation, viral compensation plan. The bottom line is if the company is offering commission on top of commission on top of commission it is indeed a multi level marketing company.

6. How credible is the company and how long as the company been in existence? It is not uncommon for a failed multi level marketing company to close it’s doors only to open in another from sometime later. A credible company will post a corporate address on their website. A credible company will disclose who the owner or partners of the company are. Having to resort to a who is domain search only to find the domain has private registration is a clear red flag and an indicator that this business exists not to make money legitimately but to rip people off under the guise that the company is legitimate.

7. Can you lose your compensation depending on performance? Sure pay a one time registration fee of $100, an additional $10 a month for “tools”, additional money for “training” and have to hit certain performance goals before climbing the ladder. This is all very common in the multi level marketing industry. However, one thing that is somewhat common is the company have the legal authority to eliminate all of your compensation should you not be able to sustain a certain performance level regardless of your previous success or how much money you have made for the company. Many people will state that if you are in sales and do not perform you can be fired by your company. Absolutely true but did you pay your company for the opportunity to sell for them or were they paying you? There is not an infinite amount of people to sell to. Multi level marketing companies exist in order to make as much money as they can in as little time as they can. No matter the product or service there will be a saturation point that makes it near impossible to maintain a high level of production. The company making a ridiculous requirement to sell or else means stay far and away from that mlm company.

8. Is the mlm company constantly trying to stay in touch with you? If you’re constantly getting requests for conference calls, receiving “success” emails and emails to upgrade your account or purchase additional goods run away! The company wants to remain in constant communication to assure that you continue to stay involved and continue to be an additional revenue stream for them. They know there scamming you but want you to feel that they care about your success.

9. Does the company want to charge you for training? If any company want to charge you a fee in order to “train” you run away. The training may consist of online videos in a members area, a training guide or a combination of the two. Keep in mind that every person who pays for the training is going to attempt to implement that same exact thing that you are. Not only are the viable companies in your space competition but every other person who is involved with the company. If the company truly cares about your success they will not charge you one red cent for training. A mlm company attempting to charge you for training is simply padding their bottom line.

10. Super awesome events! Does the mlm company constantly release online videos selling the company and talking about how much money you can potentially make. Does the mlm company want you to attend any sort of gala or pep rally. A common practice of mlm companies is to hold large events where everyone is standing and clapping about how super awesome the company is. Of course these events are often recorded and placed online to not only assist in recruitment efforts but to keep those already involved motivated. Sure this event may look awesome and have 500+ people in attendance but the reality is you don’t know who those people are, how long they’ve been involved and how much money any of them are making. Out of the 500+ people 300+ could be brand new recruits.

As you know or can tell from the above I am no fan of multi level marketing companies as there are more fraudulent companies in existence and more that go out of business rather quickly while very few legitimate multi level marketing companies exist with even fewer having a track record of 10 years.

Of course, multi level marketing is not illegal and can be used to not only run a successful company but create successful representatives as well. However, I have yet to come across a new multi level marketing company that appears to have any sort of legitimacy and the successful mlm companies are overly saturated. Instead of trying to make a go of it in a new or existing mlm company you would be much better off making a go of it in your own business.

As a dude, your vehicle as in an extension of your long appendage. The time in your car from the commute to and from work is YOUR TIME. The time when you leave all the things that have pissed you off and are pissing you off in the rear view mirror. You get into your car, turn over the engine and enjoy the drive. However, it absolutely sucks that you can’t enjoy the drive as the drive sucks!

My shit beater is running great as I keep up with the usual maintenance. The problem is I never wanted the car to begin with and only purchased it as I got a super sick deal and it was the “responsible” purchase. I had small child at the time and needed something large enough to safely transport a young one along with tons of young one shit need when making any sort of trip so I pulled the trigger.

Fast forward almost 8 years later and the damn ride is aesthetically beat to hell. Dings, dents, scratches and the normal crap that those of us who own a vehicle in New York City deal with on a daily basis. I HATE MY FUCKING CAR!! Sure it runs great but going 0-60 in 10 fucking seconds sucks. Having a full load of passengers and feeling the strain of the engine sucks. In fact the only good thing about the beast is that it’s 100% mine and I don’t miss the payments. However, from time to time I dream of blowing the fucking thing to bits and purchasing a vehicle I WANT. You know the car that has you looking forward to your commute. The car that allows you to blow past people from a dead stop. The car that is you. Than I start to look at the prices of new and used cars and become thankful that I have my shit beater. Whether new or used CARS ARE TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE!!!!

Year after year the prices of new and used vehicles climb and IMHO look like shit! I can barely find a car that I find visually appealing and has the performance I would want in another car. All I want is a small car with a kick ass engine, a sweet sound system and a sun roof. Instead the options are a compact car with 120 HP for around $18K, a mid size cookie cutter family transport in the mid to high $30’s or a luxury vehicle in the $40K price range that has the performance but options I don’t want or feel I never ever would need.

Heck, even looking at used cars is a fucking joke. Yes, I can get a car that sold for over $32K 4 years ago and pay $20K for the same car 4 years later with a super low 70,000 miles! WTF! I realize I am getting older and everything is getting more and more expensive but this shit is crazy! The economy sucks, people are struggling to find work, student loan debt is through the roof, home prices are fucking insane and finding an awesome car at a reasonable price is damn near impossible!


1. Compact car that has a mid size feeling.
2. A kick ass engine! 240+ HP with matching torque would be cool. Heck, turbo charge it to boot.
3. A loud ass system so I can listen my music.
4. Making it look mean!

I don’t give a flying fuck about heated seats and mirrors, bluetooth connectivity, parking assistance, satellite radio or drive assist. I don’t need an in seat massager to rub my ass while battling traffic. All I want is the 5 fucking things posted above. That’s all I want instead all I get is…..

Only $35,000! It can be yours for $450 a month or  take a low mileage lease for $300 a month!

Only $35,000! It can be yours for $450 a month or take a low mileage lease for $300 a month!

I’m sick and tired with people who disagree with one of my review and have the audacity to state “What does this anonymous guy know about online marketing” as their main argument in disagreeing with a review. I don’t have issue with people disagreeing with my opinion in any review but I do have an issue with the statement that I don’t know about online marketing! So what does KnowItAll know about online marketing? You be the judge.

Google Analytics Data January 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014.

Google Analytics Data January 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014.

StatCounter Data January 1, 2014 through March 26th as of the posting.

StatCounter Data January 1, 2014 through March 26th as of the posting.

Google Analytics March 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014

Google Analytics March 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014

StatCounter Data March 1, 2014 through March 26, 2014 as of this posting.

StatCounter Data March 1, 2014 through March 26, 2014 as of this posting.

StupidityIsContagious.com Alexa ranking as of this posting on March 26, 2014.

StupidityIsContagious.com Alexa ranking as of this posting on March 26, 2014.

I am by no mean an expert in online marketing and didn’t start this blog with the intention of making one red cent but the fact of the matter is that I do know a bit about online marketing as you can see from the images above containing my traffic statistics. If it were my desire to operate a non foul language, non abrasive and standard informational blog I could crush the above traffic statistics within 1 calendar year. The fact of the matter is that I have no desire to operate such a blog.

Seeing the above traffic statistics and the fact that StuidityIsContagious.com generates revenue when I had no intention of generating revenue in the first place is enough for me. Granted now that this blog is generating revenue it makes me want to generate more and more revenue but I’m limited within this platform to generating what I do. In fact I created a category last year where I was going to show people how to blog for money by going the traditional route but decided against it. Why? I came to the realization that spending my free time, creating post after post about what I know and how to implement what I know would ultimately fall on deaf ears. Most people will not have the patience to follow through or the work ethic necessary to generate revenue and would leave dumb ass comments that I know nothing.

I have contemplated selling what I know in the form of an Ebook at a reasonable and inexpensive one time cost of around $50 but don’t want to have to deal with chargebacks and people calling my information a scam when again most people will again not have the patience to follow through or the work ethic necessary to generate any revenue let alone the $50 they would need to break even on the cost. Then again, any revenue is good revenue but that’s a subject for another post.

In closing if you are one of the many people leaving comments on this blog, making posts on your own blog and making the statement that I know nothing about online marketing SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS!

Hundreds of multi-level marketing companies pop up and go under year after normally leaving people feeling foolish, angry and in some most cases financially worse than when those people entered the latest and greatest business opportunity. Sucks for those people but it normally works out great for the people who created the multi-level marketing company in the first place. Heck, even if the company manages to last a short period of 12-18 months the company would have normally generated enough money to leave the creators millions of dollars better off which was the intent to begin with. With that being said, why join a MLM company when I’m going to give you 10 easy steps to create your own MLM business?

1. Come up with a service or product that sounds revolutionary. It could be some sort of new drink, networking website, marketing system or just about anything just as long as you hype it enough. Making your product or service sound like something amazing, although it is not, will lead people to want to investigate it more.

2. Create a super awesome and utterly confusing compensation plan but make sure that the person who registers with your company can get paid as many levels down as you can but that also keeps you in the black. For example, 20% than 10% of the 20%, 5% of the 10%, 2% of the 5% and 1% of the 5% all the way down to 10 people. The people who sign up first will obviously make the most money but they will go out and tell anyone and everyone they know about how much money they are making allowing them to not only recruit new members but have those people that they recruited recruit new members. The most important thing is that each and every time someone joins your company you will be making the lion’s share of the profit.

3. Compare your product or service to a well-known and successful product or service and show why your product is better. The easiest way to do this is to show that the successful service provider or maker of the successful product is not allowing their subscribers or consumers to take part in their financial success while you are. For example, if you are creating a networking platform that could be compared to LinkedIn give examples of how much profit linked in makes and show how much of that profit you are going to share with your members as opposed to keeping it all for yourself. People will think that it’s awesome that you’re doing so and will make it that much easier for them to drink the Kool-Aid that you’re serving.

4. Although your MLM business is a multi-level marketing business you want to stay far and away from the actual term of MLM. MLM has a bad name, for good reason and marketing your new business as yet another MLM business will make it more difficult to get off the ground. You can use terms like residual monthly income stream opportunity, global share program revenue model, viral marketing compensation method or anything you like just as long as you stay free and clear from the term multi-level marketing. Coming up with a name for your business system is not hard at all as I came up with the 3 above as a typed this post.

5. Credibility is key and you need to make your company sound credible and align yourself with people who sound credible. An easy way to accomplish both goals is to join a professional sounding organization, the Direct Selling Association for example, and to obtain testimonials from your highest earning members who also happen to be working professionals such a certified public accounts, lawyers, ceo’s and people who may be a higher up in a marketing firm. People who do not have professional titles will see those who do promoting your company giving you instant credibility. For example, “Wow, Doug Johnathan Davis has been a CPA for over 20 years and he’s promoting the company. He’s a professional and must know more than me!” Devote a section of your website to testimonial videos so people researching the opportunity can get that much more excited about the earnings potential but being sold on people who have obviously already been sold on what you’re selling.

6. A high price is the best price! Regardless of your product or service you need a high price point as it serves two important purposes. The first purpose of setting a high price point is to create the illusion that your product or service is ultimately more valuable than the well know service provider or product provider that you are comparing your business to. The second purpose is to assure that you can remain profitable even though you are paying thousands upon thousands of people multi-level commissions. Twice as high as the well-known will work well as your company is at least twice as good as the next.

7. Set up compensation requirements that are difficult to achieve but sound easy. For example, when a member first registers with you make a requirement that the person must recruit at least 10 new members within the first 30 days in order to being receiving commissions on the next level. If the person fails to register 10 people within the first 30 days the person must recruit 10 new members the following month, so on and so forth. “10 members are not that hard to achieve. You should be able to register at least 20 per month which is only 5 people per week. If you can’t this is probably not the right business for you!” If you have 100 new members who fail to hit their 10 per month goal that could potentially turn into thousands of people who are making revenue that you don’t have to pay additional commissions to. If you would like to go a step further, although I do not recommend it, is to make a quarterly goal requirements. For example, in order for a member to remain active the member must make at least 5 sales per quarter. Failure to do so will result in the member becoming inactive which will result in the elimination of that members commissions. In order to reactivate the member’s commissions, the inactive members must recruit 10 new members within 30 days. Taking it a step further will create a sense of urgency to the member who will promote much harder for fear of losing out on everything that member has worked for. Again, I do not recommend taking it a step further but many companies do this and manage to get away with it.

8. Stay in constant communication with your members. You want to create the illusion that you care about each and every one of your members and are creating a new avenue i.e. jobs for thousands of people. An easy way to stay in touch is to send out a few emails per week that inform members of how many new members the company has obtained, who the top earners are and any improvements the company has planned for the future or is in the process of rolling out. Be sure to include a little sentence at the bottom of each email blast that will entice members to communicate with you. For example “If you have any ideas on how we can improve but emailing us at….” Many people will actually look forward to receiving these emails and will use some if not all the information provided to recruit new members and to stay in touch with the members they have recruited.

9. Create a training or member’s area on your site. Many companies choose to charge for training as a way to increase revenue but a smart thing to do is to give this area to your members for free or at minimum include the area as part of the monthly member fee. Create flyers and have them posted so that members can download them along with business card templates, training videos and email templates that members can use to promote your company. Remember, you care about these people which are why you are helping them achieve their financial dreams by providing this area to them in the first place.

10. Event, events and more events. When you first begin you will obviously not be able to hold live events but that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk your members into holding them. Talk about how holding events is a great way to obtain new recruits. Once your company has enough members and you have enough data to know that you have a few hundred thousand members with a 20 mile radius of a major city it’s time to hold a company event. The smart thing would be not to charge for the event to assure that as many people who are involved show up. Make sure to record the event so you can post a video of that event on the company website. If you’ve successfully completed the above 9 steps this will be easy to do. Even if you’re MLM based business is never able to arrive at this step you would have already made enough money to pull the plug and live the rest of your life in the lap of luxury just as longs have abided by MLM laws and don’t have to worry about the feds taking you into custody.

There you have it folks, 10 steps to creating your own MLM business. It is not all that difficult to do and you don’t need a ton of seed money to begin. If you’re wondering why I have not personally started a multi-level based business if I know so much on how to start a multi-level business it’s because I have no desire to become wealthy through unethical means. I may be a lot of things to a lot of people but I am in no shape or form a crook. The risk in that even ONE (1) PERSON becoming financially ruined, possibly for life, as a result of my desire to become wealthy would not allow be to enjoy the wealth created.




7 Reasons Why God is an Asshole!

Yes, I said it, I HATE RELIGION! Why do I hate religion? I hate religion as it separates people from one another based on nothing more than interpretations and beliefs in what equates to nothing more than “fairy tales” in various texts written thousands of years ago.

Religion is brainwashing and as used a device to control those who are intellectually incapable of living with the possibility that we as humans have no factual knowledge of how we became to be and what will happen to us when we cease to exist. Religion is based on fear of the unknown which is why I choose to live my life free from the confines of religion than to take part in Pascal’s Wager.

Yes, I hate religion for the above reasons but for no greater reason than the being called God, who the religious follow so blindly, who is an absolute asshole. You may be religious and feel that God is an asshole but have been afraid to say it out loud. I’m not and can yell to the “heavens” above “GOD IS AN ASSHOLE!!”

Logic and religion cannot coexist as religion in of itself is illogical. Forget for a moment that the Bible is full of contradictions. Forget for a moment that the being referred to as God did not write the Bible. Open your mind, if you are capable and allow me to elaborate on why God is an asshole.

God is an asshole #1 – God is a deadbeat dad! – The supreme being created us all but doesn’t have the decency to show himself or take part in our lives? I don’t know about you but where in the fuck was God when I was at little league. Oh yeah, he was always with me! Know he fucking wasn’t. He left it up to divinely inspired writing of various people to even let me know he existed in the first place.

God is an asshole #2 – God killed his son to pay for the sins of those who were not born yet! Makes perfect sense. Kill off your own kid to pay for wrongs that you created in the first place. Throw a naked man and woman in a garden with an apple tree and tell them not to eat from the damn thing. C’mon….any parent knows as soon as you tell a child not to do something the child is going to want to do it. He set them up to fail and than gets pissed off when they do? ASSHOLE!

God is an asshole #3 – God created evil! He’s the fucking being that created evil yet gets pissed off when people commit evil deeds?! It equates to creating the electric chair for the purpose of killing people but getting pissed off when the electric chair is used to kill people.

God is an asshole #4 – God gave us free will with contingencies! That in of itself is contradictory. We are to believe in him but if we don’t we get punished! Let me put this more simply. We who live in the United States live here with the belief that we are free although we are not free. Being free would allow you to do as you want, when you want and as you see fit. However, we must live within the confines of laws that prevent us from doing certain acts we want to do, when we want to do them and how we can do them. Confines and free are contradictory!!

God is an asshole #5 – God gave us a shitty place to live! Avalanches, blizzards, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, heat waves, cold waves, drought, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc. and a planet that consists of over 70% of salt water. Fuck, we would all be much better off as some sort of fish being than the beings that we are yet God had to make us in his fucking image? Poor planning is yet another reason why God is an asshole!

God is an asshole #6 – God didn’t create ONE LANGUAGE! I don’t get it. God put us here, makes us worship him or else yet make it difficult to communicate with one another? God is the supreme being yet felt it necessary to allow over 6,000 languages to evolve? It would be much easier to get God’s message across if we human beings were all on the same page.

God is an asshole #7 – God gave us no instructions other than to worship GOD! At minimum this asshole could have given us some sort of clue on things we take for granted in this day and age such as water, fire, shelter and the sort instead of making us figure all this shit out for ourselves. Imagine having been alive 4,000 years ago and getting a rumble in your stomach and not having the luxury of the supermarket. Just drop us off on this shitty place to live with no idea on how to get rid of hunger pains but make sure you place that we believe in you or else. ASSHOLE!

I could continue this post but it’s way too late and I need to go to work tomorrow. At minimum I hope I at least gave you religious folk a few things to ponder as you continue to live your lives based on texts written thousands of years ago by people, not the almighty asshole being referred to as God.

Before watching this make sure not to be drinking anything as you may spit everything out of your mouth and ruin your computer!


I received an email earlier today asking me to review the LibertaGia business opportunity. Considering I’m a nice guy, when I choose to be, and considering that I really didn’t have anything important on my to do list today I decided to oblige and write this LibertaGia review.

First things first. LibertaGia.com is registered privately but the company website does disclose that Rui Salvador is the CEO and President of the company and is based in Portugal. Major red flag as Rui Salvador can be linked back to at least 6 other bullshit MLM based companies. It appears that Mr. Salvador has learned a lot from his previous experience and has decided to rip people off by starting his own MLM based company.

So what exactly is LibertaGia? It’s cloud based system with a social platform where you can chat with friends, blog and talk to people. The company motto is “Here People Do Not Lose Money!” Of course people will believe this as you can actually begin your “career” with LibertaGia without spending money by entering in the Bronze level. WOW!!!!

Of course being a MLM based company there are two other level in which to join being Silver and Gold. The cost for a Silver membership level is only $899 with the Gold Memebership level membership being an affordable $1,499. You have got to be fucking kidding me. If there is one thing that I cannot stand is a MLM company packaging services that can be had for FREE and charging an absolutely ridiculous price for it. Let me further explain.

LibertaGia is a cloud based service. Amazing!!! Not really as there are many free cloud based options. Granted that you are limited in storage space. In LibertaGia’s Gold Package you can get 1 TB of storage and it will only cost you $1,499. Much more affordable than ZipCloud.com’s $4.95 a month for unlimited storage, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, so LibertaGia’s cloud is way overpriced. At least you can get some other cool features such as:

1. Personal Email Address! – Ever heard of Google or Yahoo. Also forget that you can register a personalized domain with free email through GoDaddy for $9.99 a year.
2. Blog! – WordPress is FREE!!
3. Social Platform! – FaceBook is the largest social platform on the planet. Why in the hell would people simply drop FaceBook or Google+ for LibertaGia?

Of course, LibertaGia is banking on the fact that you are mentally challenged and get blinded by the ridiculous amount of money that you can make.


Become a LibertaGia Master Seller by earning $800,000 in a calendar year and you’ll get a fucking mansion!! Where is the mansion and is there a cost associated with getting your mansion? Why bother with semantics? The most important thing is that you can get a FUCKING MANSION!!! Of course, there are lesser seller achievements where a person can earn an iPhone, laptops, etc but c’mon a fucking mansion?!

LibertaGia is a straight “pay to play” MLM based company where an army of dumb ass people will believe the hype, leave dumb ass comments on this blog and act like LibertaGia is an awesome one of a kind company. The fact of the matter is that LibertaGia is following the MLM scam blueprint step by step.

Step 1 – Take free services, package them together, call it “state of the art” or “one of a kind.”
Step 2 – Promote like mad.
Step 3 – Make promises of riches and talk about luxury cars, goals and achievements to build hype.
Step 4 – Charge a ridiculous price which will make people believe that the product or service is valuable when in reality it is not.
Step 5 – The owner makes a ton of money while leaving a path of financial destruction behind him.
Step 6 – Rinse and repeat.

Now before LibertaGia Kool-Aid drinkers start pissing me off by leaving dumb ass comments ask yourself a few serious questions before doing so. If LibertaGia’s Live In Box is so great why does the company want to charge people $1,495 for it? If it is a viable, good service why go down the MLM path to begin with? Why not simply make it affordable, for example, $20 a month and create a two-tier affiliate program where a person can register for free to become an affiliate and earn say 25% on direct sales and 15% on sales made by affiliates who sell under them? I’ll tell you why! It’s because the service is neither viable or good and is run by a person, namely Rui Salvador, who has less than a stellar online MLM reputation.

Of course, you are free to create your own opinion on LibertaGia but don’t say your boy KnowItAll didn’t warn you.

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