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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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I hate gay people. There I said it!! Gay people make me sick. How dare those fucking “faggots” walk among us straight people! Sure gay people eat, sleep, walk, talk, have family, friends and jobs. They have to deal with sickness, death, taxes and feelings. Those fucking faggots are just so different from us normal people!

The gays want to live prosperous lives, have children and teach those children the values that were instilled in them! These fucking gays are so different it make me fucking hate their guts. Can you believe the nerve of these fucking gays? Uck! Fucking gays want to love and have that love reciprocated. These fucking gays enter into relationships fall in love with the wrong person and are emotionally hurt. It makes the fucking queers question whether or not they will ever find the right person!!

Fucking gays want to share their feeling with the people that they love. What makes me so irate over the fucking gays is that want to marry each other! How fucking dare they want to spend the rest of their lives together and make sure that they can provide for one another! In the event that one should pass before the other how dare those fucking queers expect to be given the same privileges as us normal’s!!!

Yeah I’m a man! As a man there is nothing more that makes my dick hard they seeing two chicks with big tits, kiss each other, pull each others hair and watch them lick each other pussies but the very though of them engaging in such behavior off camera makes me sick!!!!

As well know if we allow gays, as in faggots, enjoy the same lives as us straights it will pervert the world and before we know it life as we know it will cease to exist. All boys will like boys, all girls will like girls and procreation will stop. Mankind will end!!!!!

What will be next? John will marry his horse Joanne, Bob will marry his dog Robert, Jill will marry her cat Joshua and the sanctimony known as marriage will be a fucking joke. Marriages will crumble resulting in more than half (50%) of those entering into the sanctimony of marriage exiting marriage!!!!!!

The nerve of these fucking gay faggots wanting to raise children. As we all know, a gay couple raising a child of any gender will result in that child being gay as well. There is no fucking way that two females acting like mom and dad or two guys acting like mom and dad could result in a well adjusted, educated and normal child. We would all be much better of having these kids raised in single parent households thus resulting in actual well adjusted, educated and normal children who never knew of the love and affection enjoyed by kids from a two parent household!!!!!!!

Seriously if God wanted people of the same gender to be together he would have created Adam and Steve or Eva and Eve. After all, God created everything that is and everything that ever will be and as we all know God is perfect as witnesses by this magical place called earth. It makes no difference that this place called Earth will be evaporated and all have no traces of having ever known to exist in a few billion years as long as queers are allowed to infect us straights with their immoral thoughts and actions!!!!!!!!

C’mon normal folk it’s not like this sort of behavior is condoned outside of our species. Could you imagine any other animals engaging in this sick and perverted manner? Of course not! There is no scientific evidence that shows any other animals of the same gender engaging in such erroneous behavior!!!!!!!!!

Finally, there is now way that allowing or recognizing the rights of gay people could lead to a better society where people simply lead their own lives. We’re all much better off having the rich and poor, the well and sickly, the educated and uneducated and don’t need to deal with the homo’s and straights!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck James Dolan! I Hate You're Fucking Guts!!What do you get when you combine nepotism and ineptitude? You get James Dolan, Chairman of Madison Square Garden and supervisor of day to day operations of my beloved New York Knicks. Yes, I know that Dolan is in charge of teams not named the Knicks but since I can give a rats ass about any of those other teams, this rant will be reserved for James Dolan with regard to his torturous running of the team that plays in the worlds most famous arena.

I’ll begin with nepotism. Granted there are probably thousands of people who hold great positions in life not because of their ability but because of who their mommy and daddy is. One could argue that mommy and daddy worked hard in life and simply want to pass on their hard work and the fortune earned on to their offspring. I really can’t argue with that as I would do the same thing for my kid but it’s a damn shame when a mommy or daddy work that hard to build a foundation and have offspring that are simply incapable. So how does this correlate to one James Dolan?

James Dolan was a finally communications major at SUNY New Paltz after bouncing around a few colleges. After graduating he went to work for daddy, Chuck, at Cablevision in various capacities, went to rehab and was named CEO of Cablevision in 1995. He was ever the business genius that he purchased the Wiz electronics store which went on to post over $200,000,000 in losses before it was finally liquidated as in bankrupt.

Fast forward to 1999 and Jimmy was now in charge of the New York Knicks and again a few other teams that I don’t give a rats ass about. Of course the Knicks went to the finals that year after a strike shortened season and went on to lose to the San Antonio Spurs in 5 games. The following year the Knicks lost to the Pacers in the Easter Conference Finals and a year after that lost to the Raptors in the 1st fucking round. What followed was 9 straight losing seasons with 1 playoff appearance where the Knicks posted a record during that time of 279 wins and 459 losses. With that being said let’s look at some of Jimmy Dolan’s brilliance in running the New York Knicks…..

Allan Houston gets a max fucking contract of 6 years and $100,000,000 although no other team made an over higher than $75,000,000!
The hiring and ever lasting loyalty to the basketball team management guru that is Isiah Thomas who gave out idiotic contracts like they were candy!!
Hiring Larry Brown for 5 years and $50,000,000 only to fire Brown after one season after hiring and giving 2 extensions to previous coaches such as Don Chany!!!
After firing Brown he makes Isiah Thomas head coach, gives the guy a fucking contract extension because the Knicks were in the playoff hunt only to fire Thomas after the Knicks crash and burn missing the playoffs!!!!
Getting sued for sexual harassment!!!!!

For a guy who doesn’t know shit about basketball he sure acts like he does which even makes him more of a fucking asshole. He hires Donnie Walsh to get the Knicks out of the fucking cap hell that the Isiah years created only to fucking sabotage it all but going over Donnie’s head on the Melo trade. Sure Donnie could be questioned for Giving Amare “The Allan Houston Deal” but I don’t think for a fucking second that this was Donnies doing to begin with. Donnie was negotiating with the Nuggets and Jimmy, scared to death, that the Nuggets would deal Melo to the Nets gave away the fucking team and draft picks to boot.

Andrea Bargnani was going to fucking get amnestied by the Raptors but instead the Knicks give up 3 players and 3 FUCKING DRAFT PICKS one of which was a FUCKING 1ST ROUND PICK! Of course, after a 54 win season Jimmy decides it’s a fantastic idea to tell Mike Woodson that he expects a championship this season? Worked great to the tune of a 14 games under .500 season of this post.

Now the Knicks run the risk of losing Carmelo Anthony, the guy who Jimmy the blew up the team for!!!! Carmelo in his entire fucking career has never played on a sub .500 team or missed the playoffs. HE WILL THIS FUCKING SEASON!!! Want to know why? IT’S BECAUSE JAMES DOLAN IS A FUCKING IDIOT so I say FUCK YOU JAMES DOLAN!!!!!

Your idiotic running of the New York Knicks is a disgrace to the NBA! – Fuck you James Dolan!
You are incapable of realizing that you cannot run 1 professional sports team yet run 4! – Fuck you James Dolan!
You’ve taken a historic basketball team in the largest market and made it into the laughingstock of the NBA! – Fuck you James Dolan!
I can go on and on but I’ll state once again – FUCK YOU JAMES DOLAN!!!

For those of you who would like to be assholes and leave a wise comment of “Stop being a Knicks fan if you hate Dolan that much.” STFU and here’s why. I am a true sports fan. I stick with my teams through thick and thin. I’m not fake sports fan like half of the Miami Heat fan base that all of a sudden appeared when LeDouche signed on!!! With that being said I will always be a Knicks fan!!!!

The Knicks are poised to be in a great position after next season regardless of whether or not Melo decides to resign. Deep down inside I know that somehow James Dolan will fuck it all up. James Dolan I hate your fucking guts and hold out hope that someday you will realize that you’re a douche and have no business in running a pro sports franchise. However, I know that you won’t so I say for the final time FUCK YOU JAME DOLAN!!!!!!!

I was just lounging around the house yesterday when I received an email notification that I had a message to my FaceBook fan page. Upon opening the message was an invite to join Neurs. Of course I had to do a bit of research to find out exactly what Neurs is.

Within 10 minutes I was aggravated beyond belief. There was little to no information available as to what Neurs was and the videos posted by the company itself had the usual sales hype talking about how rich you could be if you joined Microsoft, Apple and FaceBook when it launched. One thing that I found laughable was the fact that in the video I watched stated “Due to legal restrictions because of our patent pending status….” WTF? So because the company has a patent pending they can’t disclose what in the hell the service is????? I managed to come across another video in which the co-owner Frank Codina rambled on for 45 minutes without ever speaking about what the service was, what the service was other than an Entrepreneurial Network. Frank Codina worked for Primerica for over 20 years and his business partner Dr. Denis L. Cauvier is a business owner, speaker, consultant and author. Both are living breathing people and both seem to be legit.

Considering that I was, for a lack of a better term, stuck I decided to test the Neurs system. I attempted to register but the system knew that I had not received an invite. This posed a problem as Neur is by invite only. I went back to Facebook and clicked through on the invite that was sent to my fan page. After entering some basic information I was to verify my email. After 15 minutes nada. I sent an email to the company. Around an hour later I had the email confirmation link as well as an email response to my inquiry. Not too shabby.

I logged into my account and was immediately presented with another sales hype video talking about flying first class and how there will be many people that will become millionaires within the coming months as Neur is set to launch in either March or April. Once in the account you can send 6 invitations or give Neur access to your email account in order to have the 6 direct invite limit lifted. As you know 6 people refer 6 people who refer 6 people and bang you’re fucking rich but more on this a bit later.

In the blog section of the site, there is a video, around 50 minutes long, where Frank Codina again rambles on about affiliates, wealth and finally gets around to pricing on the Provider Account. People with a provider account can pay $99 a month for 1,000 credits or $996 a year for 15,0000 credits and of course if you run out of credits you can purchase more. What’s up with the credits?

Create an online course = 250 credits
Ad an additional profile = 80 credits
Post an offer = 50 credits
Send a proposal = 10 credits
Searching profiles = 1 credit
Connection = no cost

Pretty much every action will cost a provider credits. This makes sense to me it will prevent abuse of the system or at least make Neurs more money if someone who is abusing the system runs out and has to buy up more. Ummmmm, I thought due to legal restrictions due to their patent pending status the company couldn’t disclose much information but Frank Codina is now releasing pricing and features?

It is what it is….a marketing gimmick. This video went over the Provider Account but I’ll assume that the Entrepreneur Account video will be released in a few weeks followed by the Full-Access account which combines the Provider Account and the Entrepreneur Account. If the Provider Account is $99 a month or $996 a year what in the hell are the other two accounts going to go for? Either way I’ll bet my house that credits will be tied to the accounts as well.

One thing that I find interesting is that the company is in Stage 1 as in Pre-release build momentum mode and people are promoting Neurs like mad as it’s free but looking at the Terms of Service there is a Payment Agreement form which refers to refunds on Affiliate, Affiliate Pro and Affiliate Partner Fees which leads me to believe that once the company launches in a few months the rug will be pulled out from people who have been promoting for free that will now have to pay a monthly fee to continue on or lose all the work they’ve done over the months. Of course, there is no mention of what the fee will be for any of these affiliate accounts. I don’t know about you but this seems shady as hell to me.

Picture this. You promote a service for months and do very well signing up thousands of people. Like most people you get all hyped up watching promo videos about luxury cars and tons of money so you promote the service. 4 months later the company say’s thank you but in order to continue promoting you must pay us $99 a month. I don’t know about you but I would be irate and ready to go ape shit. You contact the company and the simple reply is “Didn’t you read the terms of service before you signed up?” There are already thousands of people promoting Neurs but probably few who are even aware that these affiliate accounts exist.

I must give credit where credit is due. Neurs, meaning Frank Codina and Denis Cauvier, are going to make millions upon millions of dollars. Heck, they’re going to charge monthly/yearly fees to providers of opportunities, monthly/yearly fees to people seeking opportunities and are going to charge affiliates for the honor of promoting their service.

Personally the fact that there is a paid affiliate account refund policy in place with no mention of the cost of the accounts is enough for me to stay far away from Neurs, LLC/Neurs.com. In addition, you could have 10,000 people who have accepted invites to Neur but how many of those people are actually going to pay to use the service? You may not care but you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

    UPDATE FOR MARCH 8th, 2014!


Like I stated earlier, Frank Codina and Denis Cauvier are going to make millions. No one in their right mind would ever, Ever, EVER pay a company to be a fucking affiliate yet it won’t stop people from paying Neurs to become an affiliate and leave dumb ass comments on this article about how great Neurs will be or already is. However, it’s official, Neurs is straight garbage. If you don’t agree I really don’t give a flying fuck, after all STUPIDITY IS CONTAGIOUS!!!

    UPDATE FOR MARCH 27th, 2014!

I have been getting a ton of heat for the above review being a bit outdated so I decided to post another update on the Neurs opportunity. This is the first time I have ever updated a post let alone updated a post twice. However, my visitors are making the request so I feel obligated to create this update.

My initial review stated the it was deceptive for Neurs to have an affiliate refund policy in place when they had not disclosed the costs associated with the affiliate accounts. Neurs does have an affiliate account but they also have two affiliate accounts that a person can upgrade to. Why would a person in their right mind pay for an upgraded account? I must give credit to Neurs on this slick bit of marketing as they know that people will prefer to get paid level upon level deep as opposed to marketing as a normal affiliate would.

My major issue with Neurs is why are the promoting the hell out of upgrading affiliate accounts when the platform itself, you know the entrepreneurial network where entrepreneurs can connect with opportunity providers and vice versa, does not yet exist? It’s because it’s not about the network it’s about Neurs getting as much money as fast as possible from those who have been blinded by the ever long and hyped opportunity videos.

It’s a common practice for MLM companies to compare themselves to well known and established companies in which there is a similarity. In this case Neurs is big on comparing themselves to LinkedIn which is laughable to say the least. LinkedIn is a well established, billion dollar company and a major difference between Neurs and LinkedIn is that with LinkedIn you can register and use the site for free. However, if you would like to upgrade there is an option for you to upgrade should you want to.

With Neurs, you must pay for an Entrepreneur, Provider or Full Access Account at a cost of $97 per month or $997 a year. There is no option for an entrepreneur or service provider to use the Neurs platform on a free basis with an option to upgrade. Want to know why? It’s because Neurs must assure that money is coming in at all times in order to pay “affiliates” levels upon levels deep. This brings me to another issue with Neurs. Affiliates are now trying to get affiliate that signed up under them to upgrade to a paid affiliate account so that commission can be earned on a platform that has yet to be released. In reality this supposed entrepreneurial network is nothing special.

The selling proposition is that there is currently no way for people who want to become entrepreneurs with opportunity/franchise providers and vice versa. Let’s say I would like to become an entrepreneur. How would I go about finding business opportunities that are available? I can go to http://www.businessopportunity.com/ where I can view opportunities that are available, the total capital investment needed, the liquid capital requirments, wether or not financial assistance can be provided and if there is training and support. The cost for me to do this is FREE! Perhaps I would like to investigate franchise opportunities. I can go to http://www.franchiseopportunities.com/ and conduct a search and be pricy to the same information as businessopportunity.com. With that being said what benefit is there to me in paying Neurs $97 a month or $997 a year to do the same exact thing on their platform? Because they will have training videos that will explain how to get financing, how to choose the right opportunity, etc. At the end of the day any information that Neurs can provide in their “university” will be information that can easily be obtained online for FREE!

If you are pro Neurs ask yourself why Neurs is not rolling out in the following manner?

1. Obtain as many people as you can who would like to become entrepreneurs by providing free access accounts.
2. Allow those users to refer other users and if a user upgrades to a paid account the referring person earns a commission.
3. Neurs as a company approaches franchise operations and opportunity providers and states “We have a user base of over 4,000,000 opportunity seekers across the globe. You can have a presence on our platform for $xx amount.”
4. Both users and companies have an option to upgrade to a paid account which would allow them to utilize the platform with certain restrictions that are lifted on each upgrade.
5. Neurs is in business.

Instead we have the following!

1. Neurs obtains as many people as they can who would like to become entrepreneurs by providing a free affiliate account but does not disclose that there will be affiliate account upgrades.
2. Neurs than discloses that the free affiliate account will only pay affiliates 1 level deep so if an affiliate wants to make “real” money they should upgrade to a paid affiliate account.
3. Thousands of people are now upgrading to paid affiliate accounts and making commission whenever someone they referred to Neurs upgrades to a paid affiliate account.

See what I’m getting at? In addition it is not legal for an affiliate to make a commission on another affiliates upgrade but again I must give Neurs credit. Instead of calling it a commission they simply call it a bonus.


What we now have is thousands of “affiliates” getting other “affiliates” to upgrade so that commissions I mean bonus money can be earned on an entrepreneurial network that does not exist. Will this network be anything special? Probably not as I have already stated above that FREE alternatives already exist. Is there going to be any sort of vetting process put in place by Neurs with regard to the opportunity providers that can have access or will they have 200 Ambit Energy representatives, 300 Motor Club of America representatives, 150 BeepXtra representatives, etc as long as they pay the $97 a month or $997 a year?

Neurs is nothing more than a usual MLM company that is using the possibility of making thousands upon thousands of dollars to suck people in although there is nothing special about Neurs. If it were Neurs would not be going the MLM route to begin with. I stated it originally and I will state it again, Frank Codina and Denis Cauvier are going to make so much money that I cannot even comprehend it. Just think of the millions they have already made.

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Trust Jacker come to my attention about a week ago with the catchy tag of “Make a Profit from Everyday Activity.” The hard part of really trying to find out how much a person could make using Trust Jacker became aggravating as there is a ton of content available but pretty much all of it is sales hype from affiliates.

With this being said, the whole idea to Trust Jacker is that affiliate links are dead yet Trust Jacker is promoted through ClickBank. ClickBack is an affiliate portal to begin with which leads to the question, if affiliate links are dead why is Trust Jacker being promoted through affiliate links and not solely through Trust Jacker itself?

So what exactly is Trust Jacker? Without going into the backgrounds of the creators, Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer, Trust Jacker is a plugin for WordPress that sells for $39.95. Of course, there are up sells such as a blogger edition which sells for an additional $49.99 as well as up sells for additional “mastermind” training. Trust Jacker, in my opinion, is a way to deceive people into reading an article that you provide and share through social media with the intent of having a CPA offer completed after appearing as either a pop up or upon closing of the article. After all, the name says it all….Trust Jacker as in jacking someone’s trust as in stealing someone’s trust. The idea is that since the article is coming from a well known ans trusted news source that people will read the article, as it’s hot and trending, and when presented with a CPA offer, people will believe that the offer is being shown through affiliation with that trusted news source, for example USA today.

How is Trust Jacker supposed to work? Let’s say you have a huge following on FaceBook or Twitter. A famous music artist has a run in with the law and is trending hard. You simply use the Trust Jacker program to share the article and include a CPA offer that makes it seem as if the CPA offer is coming from the trusted news source that you just shared. A person reads the article, closes it and is presented with an offer of your choosing that is hopefully in line with the demographic that will be interested in reading the article to begin with. The person completes the offer, for example, providing his or her email address and you just made a $1.50 for that person having done so.

This is where I ran into a problem. Trying to find CPA offers that is in line with trending articles is a chore in itself and somewhat difficult. Why is it difficult? High paying and well respected CPA marketing companies do not approve everyone. Most of these companies will only approve seasoned marketers and the CPA marketing companies that are more relaxed in their approval process do not have many offers that would be in line with the trending articles that would worth being shared. For example, the USA beat Russia in Olympic Hockey on February 15th and was trending. I could have shared that article but I couldn’t find a CPA offer that would have be relevant to those reading the article. Furthermore, how many of my friends on FaceBook and my Twitter followers would even be interested in that article and what is the likelihood that even one of them would have taken “advantage” of the CPA offer being presented even if I could have found a relevant CPA offer?

It is for the above reason why I decide that Trust Jacker was not for me and in my opinion is not worthwhile with those who are new to online marketing. If you don’t have a specific niche, for example, people interested in working from home and are attempting to use Trust Jacker to make money it will be difficult as you would have to start a list in order to begin marketing. Without a niche or niche list for that matter you will be relegated to sharing articles with your family and friends and trying to make a few dollars here and there. How long will it be before your friends on FaceBook say “What’s up with all these articles that Ron is sharing everyday?” Regardless if you are attempting to start a website, blog, e-commerce store or anything online for that matter, traffic is king and without traffic you make nothing, zilch, nada.

On the flip side, if you are a seasoned online marketer Trust Jacker may work out very well for you. For example, say you have a FaceBook fan page of 5,000 people who are trying to make money online. You find a trending article for a trusted news source and include a ClickBank product to appear when those people close off on the article that those people can purchase making you a 35% commission or in this example $8 per sale. Out of the 5,000 people 500 people read the article and 20 people purchase the product. You just made a quick and easy $160.

I don’t believe Trust Jacker to be a scam in any way but just wish that it was being marketed and represented more honestly. Trust Jacker is not for everyone, especially those new to online marketing, but can be a great addition to those who are professional online marketers are those who are on their way to being proficient in online marketing. It really wouldn’t take many CPA offer redemption’s or affiliate product sales to recoup the cost and a person could very well make a few hundred or possibly a few thousand a month depending of course on their ability to promote.

As Trust Jacker is marketed through ClickBank and all ClickBank products have a money back 30 day guarantee you can give Trust Jacker a test drive and decide that if it’s now for you simply put in for a refund the same way that I did. I know that I wouldn’t make any substantial amount of money using Trust Jacker, maybe a few bucks a month, but you may feel differently and may want to arrive at your own decision.


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