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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Only in the world of video games could companies get away with the same shit year after year and get away with it!

Personally, I don’t get it. If I’m an automaker who states my latest and greatest vehicle gets 50 miles per gallon but it really gets 10 a would be in a world of hurt. If I claimed you could rub some cream on your head and you would be cured for the flu within 10 hours and you weren’t I would be fucked.

However, after year after year of bullshit bugs and glitches I went out and purchased 2K14. Granted I would be considered a cheater in the gaming world but since I’m getting old and don’t have the same time that I did to play I decided to take the easy way out and buy my way into being a NBA star. My man was maxed out on skill points and I was breaking ankles and dunking on people all day long. That was until the All Star Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took part in the 3 point shootout as well as the dunk contest. I didn’t even get to play in the fucking all star game. The game simulated until the playoffs!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to simulate. I wanted to continue to make teams my bitches my dropping 30/7/5 every game!! NOW I FUCKING CAN’T.

So what do I do? Do I play the playoffs and go into next season hoping that the same shit won’t happen? Nope, I’m fucking done with 2KSPORTS!!!! When they make NBA2K15 I won’t be a sucker yet again and hope that you won’t either. They charge you fucking $70 for a broken game but it’s OK…they’ll release updates?!!!

Know what…release my COCK! I say class action lawsuit against video game makers!! There must be a lawyer out there who also believe that this is BULLSHIT.

2KSPORTS – “Make your own player and play 82 games year after year until you retire!”
Reality – “I can play 50 games until I can’t finish the 1st FUCKING SEASON!!!!!”
2KSPORTS – “We’ll fix it next year! (We Won’t but who cares.. WE JUST MADE MILLIONS!!!!!!”
Reality – “Really…OK…I believe you.”


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Yes I know, historically those of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths have not seen eye to eye. Jewish people believe that Jesus is not the son of God. Muslims believe that Jesus was also not the son of God. Christians believe that Muhammad is a false prophet and that the Old Testament went away as soon as Jesus, God.. the son of God… whatever the holy trinity is makes the Jewish faith moot.

What in the world could make millions of people of differing faiths come together? It could be something of historical significance such as a grail. It could be the arrival of a magnificent beings from elsewhere. Let your imaginations run wild. For this man the one thing that could bring everyone together is BACON!!!!


Yes I know that those of Muslim faith and those of Jewish faith are strictly forbidden from eating the other white meat. However, that has not stopped those from either faith partaking in the eating of shellfish although some thousand year old texts state that they should not. Yes clams, mussels and oysters are delicious. However, the most delicious tasting things on our planet, as far as I’m concerned is BACON!

Those of you who love bacon know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who know nothing about what I’m talking about than your life has been missing something….the delicious experience of tasting a perfectly cooked, crispy yet tender piece of bacon melt in your mouth with your breakfast or burger. Seriously, God can unleash tornadoes, hurricanes, cancer, aids and all other types of shit upon us. We must be grateful and not eat shellfish. Everyone eats shellfish yet 2 of the 3 largest religions have millions upon millions of people who have never hade the orgasmic experience that is bacon?

Fuck, bacon would create peace in Israel. Bacon would stop virgins from strapping bombs on themselves and running into malls with the promise of being able to fuck virgins upon death. (You’re dead asshole…no fucking for you but that’s another post.) Bacon quite conceivably could create peace on earth.

Listen, KnowItAll, knows best and he says that if you’re Jewish or Muslim stop what you’re doing right now, run out and buy bacon. You’ll thank me in the long run. God is an asshole but he can’t be that much of an asshole to forbid the eating of the most delicious thing on our planet!!!!!!!!!!


I came across BeepXtra on FaceBook around a month ago and was going to write a review back then but didn’t feel like posting at the time. I wish I had posted at the time as this opportunity was screaming scam to me at that time and even more so today. What is BeepXtra? It’s simply a discount and loyalty program marketed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Bottom line it’s nothing more than a MLM in one of many in a long list of MLM “opportunities” in which thousands of people will lose their shirts. Last month when I went to their site there was a sales matrix as well as information as to how much of a “few dollars” it would cost a business owner to integrate with their super awesome system. Today? All of that information is gone and in it’s place is some rather visually impressive sales fluff as to how great BeepXtra is!

How is BeepXtra supposed to work? As a BeepXtra card holder you can earn 10% cash back on purchases you make at participating BeepXtra locations. Sounds great. I get my haircut and a participating BeepXtra location and pay $10 for the haircut. I just earned $1 for doing what I normally do anyway….SIGN ME UP!

In reality you go to get your $10 haircut and your barber says $10. You say “Do you accept BeepXtra?” Your barber replies “No and what in the hell is BeepXtra?” You state “BeepXtra is a discount and loyalty program in which you would need to part with a few dollars if you wanted to join. You provide an affordable discount of say 10% with would only be $1 and best of all, if you hand out BeepXtra cards to your customers you will earn a commission when those people shop at participating BeepXtra merchant!” You’re barber states “Sounds great especially for a few dollars!” Yes you have a sale, now all you have to do is ask your barber to part with anywhere between $125 and $400. (A few dollars my ass!!) Your barber states “You are an asshole, get your haircut somewhere else from now on.”

It’s no secret that I think MLM companies are the spawn of stupidity everywhere. With BeepXtra you can earn a percentage of a percentage of a percentage of a percentage which will have you driving a new Lambo in no time. Thankfully BeepXtra earns 2.75% of whatever the discount is which leave tons of cash for you to start building your McMansion. Let’s do some math.

Your barber, in an alternate reality, agrees to pony up $125 to get involved. BeepXtra gives him a few hundred cards to dispense to his already loyal customers (more on this in a bit) so your barber won’t even have to cut hair anymore. He’s going to be fucking rich when he earns 12% of the 2.75% that BeepXtra earns. After all this thing is fucking global! Ah, the percentage of a percentage. Your barber gives a card to one of his customers who uses the card at a participating merchant close by who gives a 10% discount on his daily lunch special. Yeah that 10% discount on the $5 lunch special earns BeepXtra 2.75% of the $5 for revenue of approximately $.14 cents. Luckily your barber just earned 12% of the approximate $.14 for a commission of approximately $.02 cents. He’ll stop cutting hair in no time with those $.02 increments.

Loyalty! People shop where they shop because they like shopping where they do. There’s a fucking bagel store 2 blocks away from where I live but it doesn’t stop me from getting into my car and driving 5 minutes, paying for parking and waiting 10 minutes in line to get the bagels that I like best. Know why? They have the best fucking bagels! The shithole giving me back 10% on their shit bagels and allowing me to get back $.10 fucking cents wouldn’t deter me in my mission for the best tasting fucking bagel. Fuck, I would pay them $.20 cents so I wouldn’t have to put their shit product into my mouth!

But KnowItAll, BeepXtra is giving cash back! So fucking what!!! My damn bank gives me cash back for shopping at certain merchants as does 500 of the fucking credit cards that I have in my possession. Cash back is nothing new. What is new is some assholes who decided to open a company in the Virgin Islands promising riches by allowing people and businesses to earn 12% of $.10 cents who can then earn 50% of the 12%. Again, a fucking percentage a percentage of a fucking percentage!!!!!!!

Think of this bullshit logically if you can. I start a company and state that you can earn 20% of the revenue that I generate. I generate $.20 cents so you can earn $.04 cents. Yes, you only made $.04 for all of your effort so I sweeten the pot. I state that I will also pay 20% of the 20% that other people you bring on will make. Yes! 20% of $.04 for a grand total of $.008 cents! Now we’re talking.

Bottom line is that successful businesses have no need to discount their services, that’s why their successful. They already have a loyal stream of customers who patron their establishments. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat history. Have no clue about what I speaking about? Do some further research you lazy asshole. Seriously do I really have to get into the whole discounted “coupon industry.”

Luckily the believer in BeepXtra will be able to prove me wrong once bstores.com launches in 9 short days. Once bstore.com launches I will surely be made a fool of as there will be hundreds of thousands of worldwide stores who have signed on for this amazing opportunity. More like failing businesses who are grasping for straws in order to keep the lights on.

Be forewarned…..BeepXtra is shit and will always be shit. In other words BeepXtra is a scam!!! Don’t think so….no problem. I will pay you 20% of the 5% this blog generates each and every month just as long as you market your ass off. You’ll make a hell of a lot more money than you ever will getting into bed with BeepXtra. Stupidity at it’s finest but than again stupidity is contagious!


The above BeepXtra review was published on November 20, 2013 and earlier today I decided to head on over to BeepXtra to find out if BeepStores.com was finally activated and holy shit it has been. However, in the 15 months since this post was published the amount of participating merchants is hysterical. Yup I was wrong as BeepXtra is setting the fucking world on fire. Right here in the United States there is a grand total of 29 stores using BeepXtra! Europe consists of a total of 413 merchants which would be OK if it were 413 merchants in one country but not so much when the 413 is the total of 23 countries. I truly hope that that one merchant in Estonia can somehow have a customer who visited the one store Croatia so both can participate in the global phenomenon that is BeepXtra. Yes comment leavers it does take time to build a global network of merchants but in the 15 months since the above post was created and a grand total of 498 merchants in the entire world is not a phenomenon but rather downright pathetic as observed by the one merchant in Australia. The Netherlands by far has the most participating merchants but only has 132 merchants. Perhaps in 2 more years there could be a total of 3,000 BeepXtra participating stores in the Network which would still be a blip on the radar and nothing in the grand scheme of things. People must be making a life changing income with BeepXtra!

I was having a very pleasant conversation with the fine folks over at Giant Cinema when I was informed of something that infuriated me. To say I became a bit unglued after the conversation would be putting it lightly. It appears that many people who lack basic reading comprehension skills have been calling Giant Cinema to inform them that StupidityIsContagious.com had created a blog posting stating that Giant Cinema was a scam!

Being the reasonable and intelligent person that I am I came to the conclusion that the reason that people were calling Giant Cinema to inform them that I made a posting about Giant Cinema being a scam simply DID NOT READ the posting. Rather those people went into their favorite search engines, typed in Giant Cinema scam and found the following;


NEWSFLASH geniuses…..it’s called a keyword as in a word or phrase that people can type into their favorite search engine in order to find information that they are looking for. The craziest thing about this misunderstanding is that in order for people to have found that particular search result they would have had to type in “Giant Cinema scam” in order to find it! So then the people find it and without reading the posting they contact Giant Cinema to tell them that I’m calling Giant Cinema a scam? At first it made no sense to me at all but after thinking about it for a few seconds I simply concluded that stupidity is running rampant in this day and age.

I created this posting to set the record straight and state beyond a shadow of a doubt that Giant Cinema is not a scam in any way, shape or form.

Cost to join? FREE!
Cost to promote? FREE!
Is Giant Cinema asking for money? NO it’s FREE!
Is Giant Cinema attempting to sell training of any sort? NO!
Is it a MLM based business model? NO it’s simply an affiliate marketing program!
Can Giant Cinema affiliates track who is signing up under them? YES, Giant Cinema has a back end system that not only keeps track of user sign ups but where the traffic is coming from!! In addition affiliate can create custom affiliate urls to keep track of what online marketing campaigns are delivering the best results!

If you have enough time in your day to call Giant Cinema to state that my blog is referring to them as a scam you should have more than enough time to spend 5 minutes to read the article to find out that you’re dead wrong!!!

The posting in question can be found here at Giant Cinema – Get Paid to Watch Television”

Courtesy to MisterSpud of BecomeASpud.com for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video

It amazes me that year after year people lose money with multilevel marketing scams only to join the latest and greatest multilevel marketing scam with the promise of becoming rich overnight. How utterly fucking stupid can people be? How long does it take to figure out the only people getting rich from these multilevel marketing schemes is the asshole(s) who created the MLM “opportunity.”

Before you get your panties in a bunch I’m fully aware that there are successful MLM based companies in existence. Companies such as AVON, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Amway to name a few. However, this doesn’t change the fact that on average 99.7% of people lose money on their oh so fucking great MLM opportunities. This doesn’t change the fact that 50% of people who join a MLM based company drop out within the first year. Heck, 90% of people drop out within 5 years. 64% of small business are not in operation within 10 years meaning that 36% last at least 10 years which is not a great statistic to begin with but much better than the 99.7% that crash and burn.

So again how is that people keep falling for the same crap year after year? Plain and simply the shear stupidity of the masses. A person would be much better off opening their own businesses than to get into a MLM based company. Of course that would be too hard and the promise of overnight riches, making money with little to no time invested and shear laziness leads to thousands of MLM based companies that open, make a ton of money off their “distributors” and then laugh their asses off while they drive their luxury vehicles, enjoy their McMansions and sip fruity drinks on some tropical island paradise off that money while Joan in Nebraska figures out how to pay off the $20,000 debt she racked up trying to “operate her own distributorship!”

Seriously how stupid can people be?! In order to sell MLM Great Companies product(s) I only have to pay a one time fee of $300. That $300 gets me 10 widgets but I also need to create business cards, order marketing materials. Luckily MLM Great Company will only charge me an additional $400 for a few hundred business cards and some flyers. Oh, but I need a website! No fucking problem, MLM Great Company will only charge me $30 a month for a generic “distributor” website. YES! Oh crap…I need to tell people about MLM Great Company and my family and friends aren’t buying. Luckily I can purchase MLM Great Company leads for an additional $500 a month. Oh boy, only $1230 to start my business and I’m going to be rich!!

If a company has a great product or service they more often than not create an affiliate program as in send me a customer and I’ll pay you a commission of say 20%. Amazing that hundreds of thousands of successful companies utilize affiliate marketing programs yet thousands of MLM based companies close their doors leaving a path of financial devastation for those who believed in the bullshit hype.

If you’re thinking about getting into any MLM based business “opportunity” I hope you’ve read this blog posting and it saves you from making a huge mistake. If you disagree leave a comment and I’ll roast your ass. Better yet, send me weekly updates on your progress until you crash and burn so I can laugh my ass off. Bottom line… MLM is for suckers.

Congratulations to Bill Deblasio who will become the next Mayor of New York City after receiving over 70% of the vote.

He won the election once NYC saw the below.

Bill Deblasio

It has been almost 3 months since I came across Giant Cinema and all I can say is that the growth that the company is experiencing is nothing short of amazing. Considering that the company has not officially launched as of yet has me scratching me head in disbelief of how popular the website has become.

I went to Alexa.com earlier today to check on how Giant Cinema is doing and I can say is WOW! A United States traffic ranking of 25,677 and for the month of October 122,251 unique visitors!!! WTF!!!! There is no product yet over 100,000 people went to Giant Cinema last month? Let’s say that only 30% of the people who went to Giant Cinema registered for an account. That puts them at 30,000 registered users for October but lets take it a few steps further. Let’s say that those 30,000 people referred 5 people each who referred 2 people each who referred 1 other person.

30,000 x 5 = 150,000 x 2 = 300,000. Now those 300,000 people refer 1 person each resulting in another 300,000 registered users. That’s a freaking total of 770,000 registered users! Even if Giant Cinema did half of that in the month of September and half of what they did in September in the month of August that would put them at over 1.3 million registered users over 3 months! 1.3 million!!!!! It’s crazy to consider but the actual numbers may be far greater. However, good luck on trying to get an actual number from the company. I know as I’ve tried but mum is the word.

NetFlix has over 40 million subscribers who pay around $10 a month yet has a limited amount of content although from what I hear they are going to be going to into original programming if they have not yet done so. So how many people will ultimately register for a FREE streaming movie service where the people who hold the rights to the programs are free to upload whatever content they want and where affiliate marketers can earn a 10% commission? I don’t freaking know but the possibilities are through the roof!

I don’t know if Ross Cailen bumped his head on a toilet one day and the idea of Giant Cinema popped into his head like the professor in Back to the Future when the idea of the Flux Capacitor popped into his head but it is very possible that this company could become the biggest player in the game and create an entirely new industry.


Courtesy to MisterSpud of BecomeASpud.com for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video

No one has been able to answer this very simple question for me so I decided to use the power of the internet in an attempt to get an answer to the oh so simply question. Why would the devil punish the wicked?

If you don’t follow the Lord than you will be punished by hell fire and brimstone. But why? The way I see it, if you steal candy from little kids, punch people in the face for no reason, lie, rob and steal why would the Devil want to punish you for those acts. The way I see it, you would become a disciple of the devil as in doing what he would do considering he is supposed to be the definition of evil. Wouldn’t you be considered the Devil’s pal as you are not following God?

Someone please give me a somewhat educated answer to my question. When I mean educated I mean a statement such as “Because the Devil is evil!” is not acceptable as this is the answer I keep getting over and over.