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Politically Incorrect Opinions on Anything and Everything!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: September 2013

A “Stupid” Question for the Religious!

Life after death is great! When I die I will be by the creators side! I will be surrounded by those who I love and who passed before me! Those who don’t believe will be punished! WHY IN THE FUCK ARE YOU AFRAID TO DIE?

Today I Hate Everyone and Everything!!!!

I just need to vent as lately I’ve been getting super pissed off at just about anything and I’m about to suffer from a stroke!!!! With so many things to vent about where shall I begin? Time Warner Cable & CBS! – WOW, a week before kick off and all of a sudden I now magically have channel 2 back on my television. What in the living hell were they arguing about anyway? Hmmmmmm. CBS “Give me more money!” Time Warner “NO!” Although my cable bill is still through the roof at least a was able to watch Starz Kidz…

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