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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

Browsing Posts published in September, 2013

Life after death is great!
When I die I will be by the creators side!
I will be surrounded by those who I love and who passed before me!
Those who don’t believe will be punished!


I just need to vent as lately I’ve been getting super pissed off at just about anything and I’m about to suffer from a stroke!!!! With so many things to vent about where shall I begin?

Time Warner Cable & CBS! – WOW, a week before kick off and all of a sudden I now magically have channel 2 back on my television. What in the living hell were they arguing about anyway? Hmmmmmm. CBS “Give me more money!” Time Warner “NO!” Although my cable bill is still through the roof at least a was able to watch Starz Kidz for free for a few weeks. I wanted to watch the Amazing Spiderman but not 100 times over 5 fucking days!! Yeah, that “free” preview really wants to make me pay additional money for shitty programming. Can’t wait until the next bullshit argument!

Con Edison – How in the fuck is it my fault that you are paying millions of dollars per month in pensions that you knew you could never afford?! I know just agree and pass the cost on to the consumer. It’s not my fault yet I have to be subjected to the highest rates in the fucking country. $888 for one fucking month of electricity?!!!!! When I called customer service I was told my consumption was high. No shit, I could have melted in my damn home if I didn’t have 3 air conditioners running on high at all times but $888!!!! Fuck, that’s 3 months of lease payments on a damn Benz! That’s a great night with the hottest escort on the face of the earth!! That’s almost double the cost of my HOA dues!!! Fuck you Con Edison!!!!! I hope that solar power crushes your overcharging fucking asses!!

Socialists – Yes I put French fries and burgers into a bag, say “Thank you please come again.” and now I want $15 an hour!! Not only was this ridiculous but even more so that I engaged in a 3 day argument on FaceBook with a bunch of Socialist assholes! Duh, let the workers choose their wage. GREAT!!! I’ll take $100 an hour to sit on my ass and do nothing!!! When I presented this argument I was told the workers would decide who gets paid what based on their performance. WTF?! That’s fucking called management and why in the fuck would a worker ever be given that opportunity? Fuck socialists!!!! Show me one successful socialist society and I’ll show you a fucking unicorn that likes to dry hump dragons!

Gun Nuts! – “It’s my constertutionerl right to bear arms. If a fuckin immigent is on my propertee I’ll blow his fuckin head off his shulders!” Listen, you live in the middle of fucking no where and no one in their right mind wants to steal your collection of deer heads or your 1977 Ford F-150!! I live in a major city where fucking 1 year old kids are getting shot in the head! Take your guns and shove them up your fucking ass! Bitch and moan about the right to bear arms yet don’t say a fucking thing about the right to taxation without representation!

Homophobic People! – Why in the hell do you care what people choose to do in the privacy of their own homes or the privacy of a fucking club that caters to homosexuals? I get it, the people that are the most homophobic have their own sexual identity issues but c’mon. A gay male or female couple changes your life in no way. Homosexual relationships are just as fucked up as heterosexual relationships!!! Stop bitching and live in reality!

Political Calls! I don’t hear from a fucking politician for years yet make it a week or two a away from the primaries and my damn phone is ringing off the hook. In fact while I was in the middle of this post I received a call from Eliot Spitzer for Comptroller!!! “Can we have your vote?” No you can’t have my fucking vote! DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!

The Super Religious! – I get it, believing in a higher being gives you a sense of purpose and belonging. However, don’t try to talk me into your archaic way of thinking! You want to know what the fuck I remember before I was born? Fucking nothing the same as when I die!!! Don’t tell me the Lord will provide for me! The Lord doesn’t do a fucking thing for me!!!! If I had to rely on the Lord to provide for me I’d wind up under a GOD DAMN bridge in a card board box. Yeah, the thought of a god whose in charge of the sun, the underworld or love is stupid yet a god in charge of everything and anything makes perfect fucking sense!!! Name me a fucking person not named Jesus who came back from the dead. Name me a person not named Muhammad who couldn’t read or write yet could speak to God in a fucking cave! Religion is going to cause the world to cease existing yet it doesn’t stop millions of fucking dumbasses to blow each other up in the name of religion.

Car Commercials!!! – My fucking car is 11 years old and runs great. I change the oil, put the key in the ignition, it starts and gets me back and forth to where I need to go. I own it…it’s mine. Why in the fuck would I want to get into a car note because a new car can get me to 60 MPH 3 seconds faster? Yes I can buy a car and pay only $99 a month yet I have to put down $5K?! I get it, car dealers need business but how about selling some fucking affordable vehicles? There is no way that I’m dropping $40K on a fucking car that is worth $18K as soon as I drive off the lot. You should feel the same way but Stupidity is contagious!!!