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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: September 2010

Islam – Reasonable?

So a crazy “Christian” from Florida threatens to burn some Korans and doesn’t but the Muslim world loses their minds and riots in certain parts of the world? What in the hell am I missing? How in the hell is this peaceful? Threatening to do something is not the same as doing something. I believe this to be a reasonable statement. What I can’t for the life of me understand is how the threat to do something is the same as doing it. The whack job known as Pastor Jones threatened to burn Korans and didn’t yet many Muslims are…

Crooked Politicians Get To Keep Their Pensions!

I came across an article in the New York Daily News that left my blood boiling. There are 10 ex politicians that are receiving pensions from New York State! This is absurd to say the least. All of these politicians have been convicted and booted from office yet get to keep their pensions. To make matters worse they’re constitutionally protected from having losing their pensions. Luckily, Senator Craig Johnson is sponsoring legislation that would grant the attorney general and district attorneys the power to eliminate the pensions of crooked politicians. Think of how absurd that the crooked politicians get to…

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