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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2010

Stupidity at it’s Finest

It’s too bad the leopard didn’t get to finish the job before his dumb ass huntin buddy shot him dead.  Why in the hell were these morons hunting leopards off all things anyway? I can understand hunting for food or shelter but to hunt animals for the “sport” of it simply pisses me off.

New York Daily News Voice of the People

I read the New York Daily News everyday on my way to and back from work on the subway. There’s a section in the paper called Voice of the People. It’s the Voice of the People section that actually inspired me to create this blog. It’s no wonder why the City and State of New York is a mess. Although some comments are well written and make valid points most of the comments are plain and simply stupid. Lately there have been comments made with regard to the BP oil spill. Heck, BP has only been trying to stop the…

C’mon Knicks! Re-sign David Lee!!!

 It’s driving me crazy that there’s all this buzz about Chris Bosh about to be wined and dined by the Knicks.  You know that saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”? I hope the Knicks aren’t saying this about David Lee come the 2010-2011 NBA season.  Statistically, David Lee had a better year than Bosh during the 2009-2010 NBA season yet it seems that Lee is getting no love from the media or his own team. I’ve watched him develop from a role player into an all star.  He’s just entering his prime, much like the other…

$11 for a Pack of Smokes in NYC!

In an effort to close the budget deficit a pack of cancer sticks will now cost an average of $11 a pack in New York City. Yeah, I know, smoking is bad for you, causes cancer (hence the term cancer stick) and is no longer socially acceptable. However, $11 a pack is just insane. Granted I am a smoker but should it really cost me that much to kill myself? You have to love the New York City way. Tax people to death; increase the cost of service while cutting back on service. Granted there will be people who quit…

Charter Bus Routes?

There’s nothing more than I love than an entrepreneur. With the City of New York cutting back on public transportation leave it to a guy from Brooklyn to come up with a way to make a buck in these hard economic times. The guy is Joel Azumah and he plans on running 10 vans along 4 defunct city bus routes. Hey, the City is no longer using the routes so why shouldn’t he cash in. Just because the City stopped running those lines doesn’t mean there aren’t people who still need them. Of course he received a cease- and- desist…

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